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  1. eternity soul badge gives martial effect for 3 seconds on Moonshine Move 1 use. It means, you get like infinite focus for 3 seconds. But, even without the badge, Moonshine itself already gives infinite focus for 2 seconds. Basically, the badge just adds 1 more second. Is it really worth it to use this badge on Arcana/Colossal seeing that divine grace stones are very expensive
  2. Cosmetic item which you prolly won't appreciate anyway because CTRL+F for everyone else and turned off for you to improve fps.
  3. When are we getting the SK/VT reset stones? It's mentioned in the patch notes, but I don't see it in the F10 like the KV reset stone. "The weekly lockout for Temple of Eluvium, Scion's Keep, Fallen Aransu School, and Snowjade Fortress can now be reset with Aransu Reset."
  4. 65 boxes? those are rookie numbers, you gotta pump those numbers up!
  5. There's a raid recruitment in discord. you can try that, they also ban people who are being assholes so you know who to watch out for https://discord.gg/CAdZxw
  6. Please add more emotes like "shrug", "see no evil", "hear no evil", "speak no evil"
  7. i read somewhere that this is already in the works
  8. I don't know if i'm doing something wrong, but sometimes when I press 2 it doesnt always give me 2xCC, just 1xCC. Please tell me im not alone in this and going crazy. Thanks
  9. try to click preview on the chest, you should see if there's a gunner class in there. I checked with the Junghado weapon skin which was released also earlier and it shows the gunner class in there
  10. that is a normal thing to happen during major patches. their shop system gets bogged down and purchases are rolling out slowly. but it arrives eventually. you could also even refund them. but with trove event, might as well spend it on that like what kkind002 suggested
  11. "Pet Enhancement Stones can be exchanged via the Manage Antiques window for 10 Soulstone, 20 Sacred Orb, and 5 Elysian Orb" Patch notes says different. My Antique exchanger is trying to exchange my Pet Enhancement Stones to 45 gold. This is not what we talked about.
  12. some people are even missing 10 pages of received items. including me
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