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  1. shadow is better , its easyer to rotate skills , just get raven and pulse mystic badge and then dragon braclet and sagewood soul badge.
  2. first braclet, ---->>then mystic badge --------->>>soulshild from raven king and legendary jewels from him .Gems arent much of upgrade since they will give you like 20 ap more , better work on upgrading to Raven axe its cheeper than going Riftwalk i think. And if this soul badge isnt Primal force better work on gettin Primal force soul badge first.
  3. Ok listen all ,in paper destiny ring is "almost the same" but elemental jewelz stack with weapon elem dmg buff cose 350% elem dmg from wep on 500 elem dmg is one number and on 850 elem dmg is another.....you understand that? And elem dmg stacks with all other dmg types and scales better with dmg from soul and dmg from AP. The only reason you see no improvement is becose you using seraph, baleful or riftwalk wep.
  4. you must be ok with your dmg at that lvl if you are not pm me "Frexzynox
  5. they fukt up with that but cant repair it cose their coding skill is lower then their IQ, so we must get used to it.
  6. LF Twin Assura carry pt to get my soulshild (3 pieces) im Destroyer 1080 AP, after killing it i can leave so some member from static can join you . Im paying (300g) contact "FrexzyNox" ingame
  7. Go shadow easy to rotate skills with high or inconsistent ping ,and you can go riftwalk +dragon braclet you will do around 120k dmg (sb burst over 200k) and you can swich at lvl 6 riftwalk anyway.
  8. Destroyer Earth >>>Primal force soul+Skyrift mystic+Tiger Braclet Shadow >>>>Magnum or Eternity soul badge+Pulse mystic badge+Dragon braclet
  9. its not a buff if they decrease shadow and earth dmg tooltip of skills , they are decreased ppl prove it with screenshots.
  10. They cant do even proper patch notes , nerfing stuff and destroying gameplay.This is HUGE nerf for destroyer wich is the lowest dps class whithouth BT gear.
  11. they nerf RMB dmg ,it isnt in patch but its nerfed im 100% sure cose i play shadow destro and my galeforce and eradicate dmg decrease by almost 2k
  12. Yes im 100 % sure not all got problems , becose when others got problems in past i didnt , but that doesnt change the fact that i played perfectly fine 1 day before update and then BOOOOOOM fps drop, lags , and spikes 300ms+ (80-90 was my normal) got 100 mbs fiber lan conection , reinstaled windows did clean format on my ssd and every other game works fine.... btw im going CTrl +F lowering settings and nothing is working. For all that mess i suspect our good friend Gameguard and lol server placement for EU that reconects to Franfurkt from Texas.
  13. Sometimes i got 120 ping and got like insane fps drop (Midnight skypetel on turtle 10 fps and freezes ) then ping goes to 250 . After boss is dead ping goes to 120ms again and 60 frames. Thats since last two updates , become unplayable after last update ,i even got rly bad fps drops in cross server like in heavens mandate and ebondrake. I think they messed up with game files and now whole comunity suffer, if they continue like that they will play alone on server .
  14. Destro grab >BD grab becose destro grab add alot crit chance , when i grab ppl see alot yelow numberz, when little mice grab all they see is white crap. Tell me 1 boss where you can double grab with lol BD , oh wait you will mention somthing like frozen fang or lol cold storage . When you play destro you got INSANE defence +INSANE HEAL and tab that can be spammed to minimize EVERY DMG. THE MOST impotratnt thing is Destro is sexy while BD and summoner are some bad mixture of Squirel and Mouse.
  15. If you think Revelation will be casual gamer friendly game you are totaly wrong, i whant to see river of tears when you hit lvl 40+ and ppl start to gank you everywhere for fun . And revelation rng >bns rng that i can confirm for sure. And that game is chinese hosted by russian company so prepare for insane P2W , it got cool things like OW pvp and sieges and 100+ raids but if you arent prepared for pvp and huge grind dont even start it.
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