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  1. In Eastern Countries Mobile Gaming (This should be a sin!) is popular since asians are always on the move and not really at home enough to sit and play. Work, Train, Bus, Lunch Room, Park, Restaurants etc. Asians love their mobile gaming (I feel like a blasphemer just saying it) Handhelds are one thing but these....Cell Phone Games are popular. I guess it would make more sense to develop for mobile. I am slowly losing faith in humanity.
  2. Are any of these coming to PC? What's going on?
  3. Which is why all expired items should be automatically deleted after the given date. That way it automatically frees up the ID to be used again. This game's size is massive due to the amount of items that are backed up within the game's database.
  4. It's a massive eyesore, I can't unsee it. I really love this costume but due to it clipping through the hind legs of my character when she runs, it sticks to her calves. The tails of the coat have no flutter, and they stick to her legs like they are pants. Will this be fixed in the future or will it just be swept under the rug?
  5. Uhg, since I was not around when the event first started, I will only be able to go for the Soul and that will be cutting it close >.<
  6. How many emblems do we need to fully upgrade this thing for the event?
  7. Not about what players say, it's about what developers want in their game. Yea Gon are gonna be mad because they cannot use guns, but in the end it's the developers choice.
  8. I honestly do not see the issue. Make Gon Popular again? If there are people out there who already do not like Gon race, and the Gunner class is already available to them on Jin and Yun race. Why would a non-Gon playing player switch to Gunner on a race that they already do not like? Gunner on a female Gon I can see, but Gunner on a Male Gon? that would look silly. A prior statement in my previous post pointed out the flexibility and athleticism of the races. Gons being the least acrobatic. Gons appear to be more clumsy brutish fighters rather than Nimble, Elegant and Precise. furthermore you
  9. Never requested, only stated that they should have one, not Can they have on. Nah it is not a feminist rant, was meant more of a joke than anything.
  10. Every last damn screenshot is of a Female character! Oh you want to make a female Gon toting her pistols while her Z sized breasts jiggle everywhere. God damnit! get you mind out of the gutter for a moment. Look at every class, look at the skills each one possesses. Look at their lore, look at their fighting styles. Gons are not an acrobatic, fast moving, ninja vanish type of race. They are not Nimble they are brute force or magic. Jin Lyn and Yun are the 3 races that are acrobatic. Some classes are shared with other races, others are not. If anything Yun needs its own race specific class. The
  11. Okay thank you for the quick response!
  12. When will the prizes be distributed for playing MXM? Reached like lvl 35, Completed the requirements for the event, and got the achievement.
  13. I agree, I have my Auxiliary Storage slots maxed out, all my costumes I keep and do not want to throw away, the fact that we, The Free Players, have to choose hard earned costumes to throw away or to bite the bullet and purchase prem is a bit unsettling. All items obtained in dungeons and boxes from dungeons should be tradable while in the party for a limited time, like in Aion.
  14. I believe all costumes obtained from instances should be account bound and tradable between characters on the same account.
  15. I have never used this skill in my life. I Press 2 to activate my Decoy but I have no idea what to do afterwards.
  16. I don't get how to use this skill, I am pressing the button again after use but nothing happens. It'a also against an attack that can't be guarded against. Again this is Hongmoon Training.
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