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  1. Server down or crashed ?

    Which one currently are you?
  2. Server down or crashed ?

    How do you put embedded videos? :D
  3. Server down or crashed ?

    Mushin still down
  4. Just found a clan (All pinoys) in mushin server. Not as over populated now maybe you can try. I think the head count is around 34 pinoys on Mushin server Crimson faction and not including clans from the opposite one (Cerulean).
  5. Plans for Mushin on launch?

    I think NCSOFT is trying to limit all server population to distribute all headstart players to all servers at the moment. Then by launch, increase server so that both headstart and new playerd will be able to play on the same server? Might be wrong but just a guess.
  6. Mushin server is quite pack but according to the BnS Philippine Facebook page, Majority of pinoys are in Mushin / Poharan / Jiwan server. If you want to go to Mushin server, add me IGN: Oren Kyokotsu. Hopefully we find more pinoys hiding/busy Plvling on the server.
  7. Please pardon me if I post this in a different category, but I just want to know if there are still fellow pinoys playing in Mushin server despite the long queue during headstart. Thanks!
  8. Any Pinoys there?

    Mga pafs, im interested playing kasama kayo kaso wala ako FB (haha weird) pero if someone can contact me through steam, that would be great salamat mga idol! Steam ID: louiemrn or OMGisWTF™