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  1. How do we get Wings costume?

    this means more rngboxes. sigh
  2. @Sylvaeril Okay I may be exaggerating here but the main point is about the rngboxes. Im no expert on in game economy but many were talking about how the price of soulstones has fallen.
  3. well I would rather that too. but its a compromise solution im proposing. Since I doubt ncsoft would bother giving us that.
  4. Something like that. Maybe they can include some hats/capes that kind of stuff too.
  5. Posted this on reddit but guess i will post it here as well/ This is what I think would be a better (and more worthwhile) compromise regarding the rngboxes for players. Introduce costume boxes which only drops costumes. Such as a series of costumes per box set for seasons like halloween, summer, xmas etc. Maybe each box has 10 or so such seasonal costume items including headgears/capes etc. So each specific costume has now a 10% chance to drop instead of the shitty drop rates of current rngboxes. And maybe make each item become unavailable once you get it. So players know that they eventually get the costume item that they want. This solves several issues. 1. The scummy cashgrab/greed/unfair feels 2. Stuff don't flood the economy and screw it up. No p2w feels. 3. Players can buy the boxes knowing that eventually they will get the costume they want. This makes it fair.
  6. doesnt look like bots at all, some of them where eating dumpings. With moonwater they could probably take 2/3 hits before the need to heal up.
  7. agreed. The weapon/ costume/titles should be for all characters. Im torn between my 1st character because of these things. What if I created one class but preferred another one later in the game? I shouldnt be punished for that. Getting a refund if it still hasnt been settled before head start