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  1. Character doesn't jump high

    I would suggest downloading a free video capture software, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) for windows comes to mind. The purpose of the video capture comes down to the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words and videos usually capture 30 pictures per second. OBS I am familiar with and only requires a hotkey to be setup in advance. So the process would be as follows: 1. download OBS 2. Setup one capture 'frame' - this part is specific but you only need to know to add one and just choose the game 3. hit the hotkey during gameplay and do the jump error, preferably a few times to show different ways. 4. upload to youtube (which is go to your account and click on upload and choose the file). If I could see your gameplay I might be able to tell you for certain some issues you might be having. Yes, I cannot see what keys you are pressing but I would be able to verify through the gameplay video that the timing is correct. Also, at least from my experience, I have to be a high jump glide in order to wall run but I don't tend to use wall run that often anyhow. If you download and still cannot get it to record, say something on here and I will record me using obs. You can actually record obs while inside of certain places of the settings. I realize this next piece of advice might be odd or unattainable, but if you're able to come across an external keyboard I would be curious if you could try with that. The reason for using this method is to eliminate the idea that it might be your laptop's keyboard. Some keyboards have a bit of a ghosting issue, it shouldn't be anywhere near bad enough to cause this, but if you have access to an external keyboard it might be worth a shot. I would assume that you do not have high ping, but that could play into it as well. I would go into an explanation of how to verify in-game ping, but I cannot open my game right now due to some issue with the recent gameguard activation. Finally, you mentioned something about a different keyboard layout, what layout are you using? And are you able to switch layouts or is there some reason (medical?) that you have a different keyboard layout. I actually use the Dvorak keyboard layout, but I switch back to qwerty when I play this game.