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  1. Every time you log into the game you click accept on it. But yes trading or selling accounts is a violation of it, hence why I am simply deleting it so everyone will have a fair chance to snag it.
  2. Because that would be a violation of the ToS
  3. Long story short I'm dropping out of the game, I have the name "Chibi" and will be starting the deletion process within the next few hours, so set your 7 days folks, the name will be up for grabs very soon*. "Himegami" will also be released at the same time, prolly not as wanted but its in my name pool. Keep an eye on this thread as I will be posting a countdown image every so often so people can see how close it is also. Link showing the name is/was owned by me. Enjoy who ever gets this name. http://na-bns.ncsoft.com/ingame/bs/character/search/i
  4. We get the race specific version of pirate princess. All other races get a leotard that makes their chests go poof. We win GG. Lyn master race.
  5. The IP your seeing is the Login server. Youd have to do a ipconfig in CMD to get the real IP's. EU servers are located in Germany.
  6. We shoot sunflowers at people, logic got left at the door 5 years ago!!!!!!!
  7. Want to give a big shout out to Rukkirii for looking into this also had a lovely conversation with them about this so again Rukkirii many thanks for responding to this and thanks also to Babbles for the reply!!!
  8. The wheels al require a token of some sort in order to use, once your out the wheel will not highlight till you get more. The Viridian coast uses the essence from the world boss nearby. The one at the mirage turns viridian stones into scorching ones and the one outside the walls requires the tokens dropped by the nearby scorpian boss.
  9. Wouldn't stop the spam thats occurring now. They are basically hacking the chat code to spam from outside the game, regardless of the rules dictating how to use the chat.
  10. The reason you cant block or report is because the spammers have figured out how to crack the Chat API from outside the game and spam from a website, The chat in BnS is like an IRC, they found a hole into it and are exploiting it now. This is why they can use periods in their names and their characters arent found in game. They arent actually in the game.
  11. Its not that, they have cracked the Chat API from outside the game and are basically spamming from a website. Most likely some unsecure website NCSoft left open and they found a hole into the game. This is why they can use periods in their names and their characters arent found in game. They arent actually in the game.
  12. Something tells me we are going to be waiting a while, the response to the other thread is basically they didnt know about this till just now. How does all this pass their QC, these arent simple little things. Friends lists, wardrobe, clans reporting that they are unable to inv, bots breaking the chat API to spam with out even being in game???? GG.
  13. Reporting in also, can we get an eta maybe, my entire bloody collection is now locked away, things I paid money for and cant use now. And please don't push this till the next major patch, we paid for this service and for the items and we cant use them now.
  14. They did offer this service, but if you read the thread you'd see they stop on Wed. at noon PST.
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