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  1. It has been horrendous on every server that I play on that the gold sellers are spamming the chat constantly! What are the devs doing (or going to do) about the gold sellers?
  2. Server transfers, yet queue's persist.

    The other problem is that new players are able to create new toons on the Mushin Server... so the F2P crowd that comes in tonight is going to exasperate the problem... I have been queuing for over 2-3 hours today... and its just horrendous... Message to devs: Please block new accounts / toons on Mushin PLEASE!!!
  3. Server Suggestions to reduce queue

    In my opinion as a networker and programmer... and vet mmorpg player spanning 2 decades of mmo's... here is my simple fix... 1. Free server transfers 2. Name guaranteed to be saved on transfer 3. Founder items on all toons... Really simple isnt it...
  4. This is what they told me on: 1. Make a new toon on another server. 2. Make a save of your toon character settings (appearance etc). 3. Mail your founder pack items to new toon on another server! 4. Delete toon on Mushin 5. Within 5 mins make toon on other server with your name (it stays universe wide not server) 6. Mail your founder items back to your toon. 7. Mail Devs to get skins back DISCLAIMER - HINT: Try it out on a different toon to see if it works first!
  5. How to move from MUSHIN SERVER

    Yeah I cant wait for that game... :)
  6. How to move from MUSHIN SERVER

    They said in the live stream they "MAY" and they are in "DISCUSSION" about things... they have a simple solution: 1. Give us founder items on all toons - or charge us NC coins per toon reclaimed founders items on each... 2. Free server transfers... How simple is that?
  7. How to move from MUSHIN SERVER

    Did I not just say that up there?
  8. How to move from MUSHIN SERVER

    They told us it was not server bound in the live stream...
  9. How to move from MUSHIN SERVER

    Names are universe wide... not server bound.
  10. How to move from MUSHIN SERVER

    Did you try?
  11. How to move from MUSHIN SERVER

    Founder items you can mail to yourself they told me.
  12. How to move from MUSHIN SERVER

    Make a new toon on another server then mail the items to the new toon... to see if it works. They told me it does!
  13. I would love to move from Mushin server... but since you only get the founders items one time... I am stuck!
  14. So what about the fact that i have used my skin already?
  15. Yeah I am peed off... I pay a ton of money to only get it on one character!? Someone said to me to mail it to myself... not sure if it mails to another server!!!? Hey Devs just let us have it on every toon... then we can move from the higher pop server Mushin and then no one will be frustrated anymore... please help us!!!
  16. Founder Items Bug

    Since the Founder Items are only given out once... I am stuck on Mushin Server... I want to move to another server by deleting the character.. but since there is a bug that you only get the items one time. I am stuck in a stupid queue of 65 minutes. Someone Please fix this - to allow items on all toons on account!!!
  17. Why is everyone trying to play on Mushin server?

    What you can mail them to another server?
  18. Yes... then I changed character and got stuck in a 65 minute queue... Then realized that Mushin is over subscribed with people trying to get in! 1906 people members waiting right now with a 58 min wait... arrgh! Why dont they allow founders items on all toons... we paid a lot of money for that pack! It is a stupid policy... and prevents people moving or deleting a character if they want too... :(
  19. Why is everyone trying to play on Mushin server?

    I would love to move from Mushin... however I will lose my founders items etc... :(
  20. Devs - if you are reading this - please let us know why you wont let us have the founders items on all our toons - especially when you have new classes coming out after release... don't you think it is unfair not to allow us our items on all our characters?
  21. I also had another thought on the matter. What if they release a new character type later on? For instance "Mage Class" or they might allow a new gender type of a toon? Now you are stuck..!
  22. Name reservation suggestion

    I am glad I could help you. Another thing to understand is that the customization token does not allow you to change gender or server or race or class. (some people don't know this).
  23. Importance of Choosing Servers

    Then the problem you face is that if your name has already gone on that server! Boy you will be cheesed off if you find someone already has it on that server!
  24. Yep that would be a great way to fix this issue. It is not fair that we pay so much money not to have it on all our characters on creation. Some people like to create many characters during the lifetime of the game. They need to make this more fair and stop making it one time use only.
  25. I bought the founder pack the other day. Wasn't able to get into beta... so what do players like me do? Why can't we have like in other games have it account bound on every toon that is created?