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  1. Highest price item currently would be the Blackwyrm Claw ring.
  2. What is the best Soul Shield setup for PvE atm?

    My soul shield is doin alright
  3. Wrote a guide for it here:
  4. Tomb of Exiles - RNG HELL

    Well if you keep that up you'll get it eventually. If you stop you lacked the commitment.
  5. Tomb of Exiles - RNG HELL

    No you just lack the commitment.
  6. Really wouldn't do much and I doubt anyone would want to go to the effort of doing it. If you don't like how pugs work don't run pugs.
  7. Brilliant Venture Token

    Considering the actual value people are selling NCoins at for gold it's just not worth it currently though.
  8. Your stuff looks pretty good. I'm guessing you could use a better roll on your bracelet but other than that it would just be soul shield stuff. If you really want to minmax you can farm Blackwyrm for attack power gems and the ring since our rings won't be better for a long time (Yeti ring iirc). Also since I haven't bothered to go true siren yet can you tell what ability the pirate dagger gives a 15% damage boost to by checking it in the evolution page? The only things I can find are all mistranslated to "Lightning Draw" which is a BM/BD skill.
  9. You played GW2 (obvious because you called it a condition) In WoW every player can apply their own instance of a DoT and sometimes specific debuffs. Same thing in FFXIV. Also poison is really annoying too since other players can remove your poison with Lightning Stride. Plus a lot of skills require 5 stacks of poison or a poisoned enemy but it has to be your poison or your 5 stacks. If other assassins stack 5 poisons you can't do anything that requires poison for 10 seconds.
  10. What is the best Soul Shield setup for PvE atm?

    Well that's odd. Might have to pick it up then.
  11. tank classes

    BM/KFM BM is easier
  12. The requirement literally is a Dokumo weapon or better. Queuing with a Dokumo weapon matches it exactly. There's no abuse or exploit here. If you don't like it don't play with pugs.
  13. I'm guessing it will be coming out on the 10th considering I've heard you need to finish that quest to start on Hongmoon levels/skills.
  14. What is the best Soul Shield setup for PvE atm?

    Haven't tested but I assume they have a lower cap like Dokumo around 170 being blue. Poh 5 and 7 have higher caps up around 200. I'll test it out next time I get one though anyways.
  15. What is the best Soul Shield setup for PvE atm?

    Poh shields/Moonwater 2 can get max roll with green Moonwater primers or a Poh 8 160/189. Maybe also Moonwater Arena 2 but I'm not sure. Dokumo can get max roll with another Dokumo I think.
  16. This Game is NOT P2W

    Money = easy bidding on soul shields & weapons, easy max fuse soul shields, easy max upgrade weapons and accessories, easier making more money
  17. This Game is NOT P2W

    By that logic games like Archeage and EVE would not be P2W even though they are. When you can "pay to go faster" to the point that you can simply skip over 99% of what other players have to do it's P2W.
  18. This Game is NOT P2W

    You can sell the fabric salvaged from outfits.
  19. This Game is NOT P2W

    You can sell some cash shop items for gold. The PvE/OWPvP is definitely P2W, although a F2P player won't be that much worse off and it won't be a ridiculous gap in power like Archeage for instance.
  20. Summoner has a thing where they heal for a large portion of the damage they deal and it's AOE so they can tank huge groups of enemies very effectively.
  21. Bidding Wars. Change Item Exchange

    1: Pay attention and don't bid stupid amounts by mindlessly pressing Y. 2: Well you get 1/5 of their bid and can run it again for another chance. Either have the item drop 5-6 times or get some money. Loot system is fine. If you don't like it don't play in pugs.
  22. Regium Corvus VS Night Luna costumes

    Clan leader really wants it because it's the only existing way to get breasts on a Lyn. Regium Corvus is nice but I wouldn't mind having Night Luna also. My hope is that the other regions get it in a later Daily Dash.
  23. What is the best Soul Shield setup for PvE atm?

    Here is the best soul shield setup for DPS Poh 1 4 5 6 7 8 Moonwater Arena 2 Dokumo 3 I currently have 3026 crit. Here is info on soul shield sets
  24. Blade and Soul: RNG Hell

    Only wheel where you only get 1 essence per go at the boss is King Kaari and there's literally no point to kill him except for cosmetics... Plus you can just buy essences on the market. Even the highest level essences are a few silver each and keys are also just a few silver each.
  25. To be fair I have the best soulshield set I've seen in the game and I have 27k HP. Anyways this is just a guild running ogres... This guy is dumb. Also someone commented on it being Chinese players on Poharan. This makes sense. There are (for some reason) a bunch of Chinese players who know what they're doing to make money and get ahead at release. You see a lot of them farming Poh 4.