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  1. I hope they lower the prices of the costumes eventually. I'd definitely snatch up a few of these for my main (especially that gothic black fur coat!!), but I can't get myself to spend $20 to get anything. T_T Anyway, it's a lot more addicting for me to buy ~$10 costumes (and $5 accessories) in the long term...looking at you, Tera >.>
  2. Seconded. It's really easy, at least in the earlier levels. I got this notice going in that said "this is too hard for you to solo, look for a party" and then I'd just ignore it and finish the dungeon in a few minutes. You can heal yourself in multiple ways and it's not very hard. Leveling has been pretty chill so far. But it depends if Lyns and cats are your thing... :D
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