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  1. Hello, We selling Temple of Eluvium and Scions Keep Item We are selling: All necklace All Badge Weapon for: KungFuMaster, Assassin, Destroyer, Gunslinger, SoulFighter, BladeMaster, BladeDancer. Actually we have 3 raid of Temple of Eluvium and 4 raid Scions Keep Most of our raid member have more than 10 full run experience We can carry more than 15 buyer every week Add me on discord if u are interreste for more information ShivitaW#7050
  2. Apologize to write in chinese, because some chinese people dont understand english 简介:  - 工会是浑天教的, 现在由三个门派组成, 一会 Chinese Mafia,二会 Chinese Gangster, 三会 Chinese Ganker 三个门派都是15级,  拥有不同的门派时装, 可确保每个小伙伴不论大号小号装备升级都可打折 - 一会跟三会是国语国人工会, 二会是英语工会基本都是老外, 二会成员中有欧服第一剑士,欧服第一咒术,欧服第一刺客 等 - 工会设有1v1比武和无尽塔赛季职业奖励, 每赛季职业前三均可取得奖励, 职业第一300金, 职业第二200金, 职业第三100金, 要求每个玩家依靠系统赛季奖励截图来证明自己排名, 获取奖励只限于从赛季开始时就在门派内的玩家, 每个玩家只能获取每赛季的一个奖项, 避免一人多项领取 - 现在摩天楼有两只国人队伍(二会另外也有两只队, 总共四个队伍), 所有摩天楼队伍都为3小时速通队, 一队礼拜三打, 二队礼拜五打
  3. Q: could you put new weapon skin or pet outfit?
  4. Q: will legendary accessories arrive this year?
  5. Q: when u said " no more new weapon tiers are arriving this year apart from lvl 3-6 Legendary " did u mean we will only have lvl 6 Baleful/Seraph until 31-12-2016 for 7 month?
  6. Yes, we are chinese, but we live or study in europe, :)
  7. Tomorrow our clan Chinese Mafia and Chinese Gangster will Celebrate Spring Treasure Trove Event on twitch and test our Twitch Channel, some of our member will open some treasure chest in direct, https://www.twitch.tv/diooooooooooo all are welcomes Regards ShivitaW Chinese Mafia & Chinese Gangster on Windrest EU PD: yeah.... we like Treasure Chest :>
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