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  1. f4 friends list,are you listening?

    Even if they wiped all the previous friends made and we have to start over and re-invite it would be better than this. I sent another ticket to support and all they said was they are aware of the issue and they had no idea of a ETA on a fix...
  2. New Idle Animations

    aww man, i prefer the other animation, the character doesnt start screaming like the one from the spec I use ;-; wish we could either swap them or use both for some variety, my character screaming every 30 seconds got old pretty quick
  3. New Idle Animations

    im confused. I am a blade dancer and my character only does this animation where she throws up leaves and slashes them as they come down. I have another blade dancer standing next to me right now in game, female, like mine, and she is doing a totally different animation where she gets her sword out and pokes it forward...are there different animations you can choose or is it depending on certain weapons or something? why is my character not doing the other one im seeing?
  4. My 2 cents about how to save BNS

    I'm VT geared with some TT items, it's more TT i'm talking about, so far it has been the hardest raid for me to get items from, BT and VT I didn't have so many issues, this TT raid has been firstly hard to find a raid which suits time wise..plus with progression it's hours and hours sometimes over days and I just cannot commit to that with work and life lol - i've been in a few and it ends up I have to leave because it starts interfering with my real life..being late for work because of no sleep etc, and I just cannot risk that over a game. I just wish there were other ways to grind for gear without it being behind trove or a raid wall.
  5. My 2 cents about how to save BNS

    the big thing for me is not being able to get gear without a raid. Timezones, work, life...these all make it hard to find a raid for me, and its so frustrating!
  6. requesting compensation

    play on NA like me even though im from EU :x
  7. Have ncsoft even acknowledged that there is still a problem with the f4 friends list? I STILL have 0 friends on there, where I used to have plenty..its been nearly a year and still it hasnt been fixed. I sent support tickets, they basically say to make threads on the forums. I did that and no word from ncsoft about it. Not even any recognition there is an issue or an ETA on a fix? are they even trying to fix it? or do they just not care? is it even fixable? if it isnt why not just let us know? after all its affecting more than a few people. Yet there are lots of people not affected..what would be the reason for this? hell, id even be happy with the old buggy f4 that showed people online and offline when they were not as opposed to NO ONE on my friends list. I have lost touch with so many people, I cant keep in contact with new friends made..unless i were to write them all down or something? How are people just sitting back and not making more of an issue of this? I got so fed up with this (on top of other problems with bns that i felt were going on) that i stopped playing back in october. I logged on yesterday in hope maybe it had been fixed and no, it wasnt. Somebody added me in a dungeon, they showed on my list! until I relogged..and it was back to 0 friends. What would cause this? even just a heads up on what was going on would be better than absolute silence on the issue its actually insulting to me as a player for me, and other people to be ignored, hoping we will what? just get used to it? its ment to be a social game, how can i be social when i cant make new friends or keep in contact with anyone? apart from my guild i cant gift anyone anything from friends list either from f10..because its broken....this has gone on long enough, some answers would be appreciated. This will probably be moved to bug section where it will once again be ignored but im posting here because i just hope someone from ncsoft that cares?!?!? about players (haha nice meme) will read it and comment..or at least pass on that people are still having this issue.
  8. today i made a friend in a dungeon and they briefly showed on my friend list..I then relogged and it went back to 0 friends. when are we going to get a fix for this? its ment to be a social game and this has been going on for months! fix your game ncsoft - it isnt fun playing if you cant make and maintain friends!! whole reason i havent played since october tbh!
  9. why hasn't this been addressed? it's ment to be a social game and something as important as a friends list is key to that. Please fix this ncsoft there has to be a way as there are more than a few people affected by this...
  10. So since the last trove before this one, my friends list has no one on it. I haven't seen ncsoft address this issue??..if they have, and i've missed it please enlighten me as to what has been said. As it stands, I cannot see any friends on my f4. I cannot see purple dots on my map indicating friends. This is getting beyond frustrating as this is ment to be a SOCIAL game yet I can't interact with people unless I have their name memorized or unless they are in my clan. It is a joke. Please get this fixed asap ncsoft I can't believe this has been allowed to be broken for so long. To be clear I am not complaining about the well known bug from launch where people do not appear online/offline I am not seeing anyone AT ALL. No names at all, here is how it has looked for weeks and weeks now:
  11. Show off your characters!!

    Wow thanks! so nice to hear you think that :3 <3
  12. Logging into the website - fails multiple times until somehow it manages to do it. Took me over 10 mins to log in just now to write this post. Been going on for weeks now.
  13. I've sent a message to support but I feel like this needs to be put in the forums too if it hasn't been already...basically for weeks now my friends list has been completely blank...as in no friends showing on it at all. Alot of other people are experiencing this too, and some aren't. It's really frustrating and to be honest the game soon becomes a very lonely place when you can't see who is even online without having their name memorized :// I really hope this is fixed asap as a priority. My boyfriend already is refusing to play the game until it's fixed as he is finding it so irritating and it's getting to the same point with me. There is no purple indicators on maps either of friends. Block list is still working, can see the full list of people there.
  14. okok so ncsoft need to listen to me ok. I like to make original and nice looking characters, as many of us do. I like to change appearance often, and create new ones...it actually makes me want to play my character more when i've given it a revamp. But! we need: colour picker! on eyes and hair and skin tone (within reason with the skin I don't wanna see lime green hulks running around) I for one am bored of these limited shades ;-; i want to be able to pick a colour from any point on the rainbow also i want to be able to colour one eye seperate to the other we should be able to try on the whole wardrobe from character creation! the choices they give don't show enough when you are making a character you need to try on multiple different outfits to make sure you havent goofed. also finally we should be able to preview the character moving as in like...running and walking, in character creation..this isnt as important as the previous ideas but it might be nice. that is all.