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  1. Onyx Souls

    Onyx Souls is small, new player friendly guild where you don't need to hesitate to ask "stupid" questions! Goals: Playing endgame together, helping others, progress. Do dailys together etc. We dont want to grow to be too big guild. We want to stay smallish and grow united, have fun and know each other. Requirements: -Be active. This doesn't mean you need to be online every day but we don't want players that just come to our guild to fill a spot and doesn't give anything for the guild. -Be friendly. Everyone will have better expirience of the game if there is no unnecessary drama -Be mature. Racism or any discrimination is not allowed in our guild. If you have some questions, message me here in forums, or ingame, IGN is Kokolihakiisseli You can also pm Nylian ingame. EDIT: we're on crimson side
  2. Finally got my red mask after 78 runs!!!