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  1. Oh and another thing, at first I was asking about all my outfits but they were all moved to wardrobe, so those were fine. This post is about my founders pack outfits that are gone.
  2. I went through every single characters inventory, vault, and wardrobe. Definitely not my fault because I remember distinctively my main character was wearing it before I left BNS. Coming back to the game I was in the hongmoon starting uniform. No sense how it would be my fault. They randomly say it cannot be detected or found so that's bullshit, I didn't pay 100+ dollars for some bullshit excuse
  3. So i tell them my masters founders pack outfits and weapon skin completely disappeared upon coming back to the game after a year right? does this make sense or am I crazy? I genuinely feel like i'm crazy but I didn't spend 100+ dollars just for the best part about the founders pack to randomly go MISSING
  4. So, are you saying if I cant advance through Skybreak Spire due to my SS, I should get the Raven one? and what is MSP? Do I keep the legendary SS and just keep upgrading it or the higher level dungeons will be releasing pieces in loot and boxes? Also, what should I start crafting that would be the most beneficial? How do souls work? and where do I go to get the best one? Or is there just one and you keep upgrading it? And about the earrings you said to not buy, what earrings should I plan on receiving? I seriously appreciate your reply and all the informat
  5. Also, someone told me theres no need to do side quests anymore, is that true?
  6. Okay so this is gonna be pretty long but I appreciate any type of help. I used to play heavy until they had that huge update with weapons and stuff and everyone was mad blah blah I just quit cause it was something about losing a bunch of progress, but now i'm back. So, a long time ago, we used to upgrade our weapons using other weapons from wheels/dungeons/etc and now there is no evolving. Same with necklaces/earrings, and its completely removed from the game, so do I just use the strongest weapon I find in game? Also, I know back then it was super important to save up
  7. my beautiful gon childrens gon master race ftw
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