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  1. How do you obtain this outfit in game? Doesn't seem to be any info about it anywhere.
  2. Indeed all rewards should be account bound and each character should get their own with a limit of 7 total characters so that way it can't be exploited.
  3. I paid $125 and I'm sitting here waiting more than 4 hours in queue it's not just initiate pack owners suffering here.
  4. 4 hours later and I got moved back again yay!
  5. OMG the market lady in scorching sands is ****ING TERRIBLE! It sounds like that voice actor was just desperately trying to finish her lines so she could jump off the nearest cliff! Seriously it's TERRIBLE! So bad that I muted all NPC voices over it.
  6. NCsoft isn't offering transfers. They're offering to refund your founders pack items and NCcoin onto a new character on another server nothing more. A transfer would mean the entire character and their progression are carried over to another server. I'd consider it if it was indeed a true transfer alas it is not. Like someone else mentioned above though Mushin is just the beginning. When this game goes to Free to Play expect almost all NA servers to be having the same issues.
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