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  1. This game is unplayable... simply not worth the time anymore... I've had it with NCsoft's incompetence. Bots and hacks everywhere, can't even stay logged in for long because of the useless gameguard program they're so proud of.. Maintenances go by and nothing is changing!!! Even after all those complaints everyone is making! I'll never ever touch any NCsoft game again and I'll advice everyone not to either in the future. Good luck to the people that choose to stay! P.S: I'm not making this thread to provoke fanboys or anything, I just want NCsoft to know another paying costumer is gone for good, game fixed or not. The service this company provides should not be tolerated by anyone.
  2. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    I was getting DCed all the time since GG went on. But I updated razer synapse and now it's fine o.O
  3. Title says it all... It's getting so annoying these days that I think I'll just stop playing all together... Happens a lot at random places too , not just poharan, but poharan is 100% DC. I'm pretty sure other people have this problem too, but mine started like 2 days ago for no reason.. My net is fine and not disconnecting at all during the day.. Edit: I think the culprit was razer synapse. It wanted to update. Seems ok til now.
  4. PVP Players

    Yeah but why not ? o_o It's part of the game. I don't do it everytime , but I do accept it and if I can find someone I go for it. It's not like you will ever be able to achieve a truce between the factions, so most likely if they see me they will attack me as well. Why not just go for it?
  5. PVP Players

    Guys I'm pretty sure you know that there is a faction quest that wants you to kill 10 enemy players... Maybe that's the reason they are attacking you and not because they are some sadistic MOFOs... I get this a lot. I just want to do my quest, so I scout for players, I kill them and then they call me names.. But the quest asks me to do so!!
  6. It just started a while ago and it keeps getting worse... Anyone else having this problem?
  7. Getting DCed every 3-5 mins

    It appears I'm getting this only when i'm in silverfrost o_o Edit: Nah, happens everywhere q_q
  8. I think I have a solution for your problem. It actually works 100% for me. It appears that this is a bug or something , it happened to me 2 days ago too (also can't see FM ribbons). The solution is to go to the graphic settings and set the ''Apply to all'' bar or something like that, that is on top of the graphic bars, to 5 , or 4. Then just leave it there and adjust your settings the way you like. 5 will give you very detailed skills , while 4 will give less detail (but still visible skills).. It's pretty weird that an option that just sets everything to a certain level can affect this... Anyway , please try it and let me know if it worked for you!
  9. Which path to take?

    I'm on true siren atm. Should i go awakened pirate or true oathbreaker x_x?
  10. So, I want to gear up an alt who's sort on money and I thought I should send him some from my main. The thing is I don't want to pay the fee for the mail (or well, I rather want to clarify if what I'm going to ask is ok for future trades with bigger amounts of gold) and I do have a trustworthy friend who can trade me the gold from my main to my alt. My question is, could that be considered suspicious and end up getting us both banned? Everyone's opinion is happily accepted but I'm mostly aiming for an official answer from NCsoft.
  11. I guess I will go for it then!
  12. Thanks for the reply. That's what I thought too, but just trying to make sure. You never know with NCsoft.
  13. EU Server : Worst Server ever

    If this lag isn't fixed after march update, I'm done with this game. Everyday is a lag torture. NCsoft wake up. It's not our ISPs, it's your servers. FIX them, do something!!
  14. I am rank 2. How do you buy a higher rank o.o?
  15. If you make yourself a BD , you will have an easier time dealing with them. I don't know if it's already said in this thread, but a critical factor on taking down BDs is resisting their boomerang. If you manage that, they will have 0 focus regen. BDs are easily left without focus, if that boomerang hits, they will keep fighting, if it fails, they will try other methods that are not so good for them, like dash that leads to no full air combo or auto hits, til they get at least 2 focus to spin hoping you will hit them in the process. Hope that helps.
  16. Servers Down?

    My friend can log in. I still can't :(
  17. Hahaha I'm sorry XD That's what I thought from the conversation above.
  18. Lmao an assasin telling a summoner telling everyone about effort. #GoingToMars
  19. For 2 days before patch , ping was -almost ok- . Now it's back to same crap... At some point it gets really frustrating... They should seriously start looking this up because sadly , even the worst EU publisher in the history of MMO gaming (and we all know who that is, *cough* Gamefail *cough*) can do BETTER than NCsoft.. Sorry NCsoft , had to tell you.
  20. Laptop users, what are you using atm?

    lenovo y50 all settings at 4 60 fps anywhere with not too many people/npc around, about 40-50 during combat at instances, 55-60 with disabled players, 40 at poharan with disabled characters and a lot of players, about 25-30 with players on -using razer cortex-
  21. Show off your characters!!

  22. Are people logged in?

    me too o_o