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  1. You can't apply it atm. You're good to go for name reservation. You need to apply it on the 15th to get your items.
  2. or worse, you got killed by ponyloverboi <_<
  3. There are literally 10 posts on first and second forum page describing exactly this problem. Start to read please. YOU DON'T NEED THE CODE FOR NAME RESERVATION. ON THE 15th YOU CAN ADD THE CODE AND GET YOUR STUFF.
  4. Farewell, beta forums!

    At least we're gonna be the kickass players who can say "I play since beta" xD See you soon :P
  5. you get a free item that you can use to change your appearance later on, so you can screw customization.
  6. Performing file check, everytime you start the game. Sometimes with gigabytes, sometimes with 40mb/s. So it takes you up to 8 minutes to start the game - gg, wp.
  7. Popular Names

    Nobody said one of the names I want to save ... ^_^ I'm happy xD
  8. only the nc launcher spikes xDDD so weird, now it took me like 1 second
  9. Also the launcher says "File check may take several minutes or up to an hour", If you click on repair. So yeah, that's that.
  10. Did anyone else get prompted to set a pin?

    it said it couldn't create my pin the first time I tried it, but later when I started it again it asked for my pin, so it took it. Weird
  11. This is a brand new PC, I bought this Saturday. I doubt it's me, but maybe you're right, ugh.
  12. Wrong, the name is not reserved, the name is unique.
  13. It means you can screw customization and just create a name, you'll be given a voucher so you can change your characters appearance - in-game, after head-start. You can not use the same name on a different server. Names are regional; means "MyName" can only be used once in NA and once in EU.
  14. [Petition] Remove nProtect GameGuard

    Back in the days PB was the only Anticheat-tool that actually got stuff done, to be honest. If long time players start to hack, they deserve to get banned. The problem with Silkroad for example was that they would only ban obvious no-client gold bots and not player bots. Ofc people complain about being banned but if you don't use suspicious third party software then you don't get banned. Simple as that.
  15. Japanese Voice Dub

    Officially there will be English, German and French afaik. But there is still dojo ...and dojo is love ;)
  16. Just saying if you switch to windows 10 and encounter high cpu usage, you're doomed. Atm there are many, many problems with Windows 10. Most of them are related to driver incompatability - the better the system, the more issues ppl have. You will end up having to make use of registry hacks and that kinda stuff. Blade and Soul runs Dx9, which works perfectly fine with Windows 7 (also win7 is the much more stable system). Some issues are listed below: Memory leak. Windows 10 is experiencing driver incompatibility issues. A faulty or outdated driver can lead to a Memory leak. Windows 10 and the applications you have installed on it needs a few more RAM memory to operate Registry hack settings can lead to high RAM usage on Windows 10. Forced updates cause software clashes Bluetooth not available after Windows 10 update Computer stuck in endless reboot loop after Windows 10 Update Display/Video/Graphics problems after Windows 10 Update No Wi-Fi available after Windows 10 Update No sound after Windows 10 Update Forced updates cause system crash (Bluescreen of death) Forced updates create portal for junk ware BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH Nonresponsive shell Performance issues Almost impossible to install another version of Windows once you went 10 I believe Windows 10 will be good, one day, but not as of right now. Please don't listen to 14 years olds.
  17. Which NA server to role-play on?

    (I didn't wanted to post in this thread) yay role play
  18. [Petition] Remove nProtect GameGuard

    Punkbuster was the best anit-cheat tool.
  19. Hey, since the forums will go down tomorrow I thoght some of you want to say "bye" and "hfgl" or something. :) I'm super hyped for the headstart, can't wait for everyone to join the server at the same time and lag like hell in starter zones :D Good luck at name reservation everyone, see you when the new forums are up! :)
  20. Name Reservation

    no, you're good to go for name reservation w/o the code. You redeem it on the 15th once the servers are open.
  21. Windows 7. End of story.