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  1. You can't apply it atm. You're good to go for name reservation. You need to apply it on the 15th to get your items.
  2. or worse, you got killed by ponyloverboi <_<
  3. There are literally 10 posts on first and second forum page describing exactly this problem. Start to read please. YOU DON'T NEED THE CODE FOR NAME RESERVATION. ON THE 15th YOU CAN ADD THE CODE AND GET YOUR STUFF.
  4. Farewell, beta forums!

    At least we're gonna be the kickass players who can say "I play since beta" xD See you soon :P
  5. you get a free item that you can use to change your appearance later on, so you can screw customization.
  6. Popular Names

    Nobody said one of the names I want to save ... ^_^ I'm happy xD
  7. only the nc launcher spikes xDDD so weird, now it took me like 1 second
  8. Also the launcher says "File check may take several minutes or up to an hour", If you click on repair. So yeah, that's that.
  9. Did anyone else get prompted to set a pin?

    it said it couldn't create my pin the first time I tried it, but later when I started it again it asked for my pin, so it took it. Weird
  10. This is a brand new PC, I bought this Saturday. I doubt it's me, but maybe you're right, ugh.
  11. Wrong, the name is not reserved, the name is unique.
  12. It means you can screw customization and just create a name, you'll be given a voucher so you can change your characters appearance - in-game, after head-start. You can not use the same name on a different server. Names are regional; means "MyName" can only be used once in NA and once in EU.