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  1. FM vs Reflect stun

    I'm on EU and I can tell you that divine veil has never been able to stop deflect stun. The only time you can stop deflect is when you have frost sheathe ready to pop. The change you quoted in summer was for kfm q/e'ing veil and I think maybe sin q'ing to get stealth.
  2. FM vs Reflect stun

    p.s this was a very badly worded change that stopped kfm from q/e'ing your veil for free agility stacks. Had nothing to do with stopping deflect stun.
  3. Legendary soulshield pvp stats?

    The cheat sheet is correct, but the shield is called Dragon's Ascent, not Beluga.
  4. Hmm may be isolated to Awk.Boss -> True Boss upgrades. My awk.python bracelet has the same issue but my true oath neck uses the nebula stone as it should (reduced fees, materials etc).
  5. Nebula stones only work with Silverfrost weapons, i.e oathbreaker path or pirate -> true breeze.
  6. A question for Korean players

    I think you may want to go back and check that. You're right that they aren't HM20 though.
  7. So... Why did this happen? (Premium Rank)

    They answered this question just before or during headstart I believe on the dojo. Points required weren't increased, this is how it was meant to be. I believe it was in this: Have no idea if that link works, I get the same box as OP. Hold up, that's the same link.. so you just didn't read the reply below the initial post.

    FYI Left side veil heals 15% over 15 sec on top of the 1% on resist. Right side heals 5% over 15. The 1% only specifies on resist, shouldn't matter how you resist.
  9. End of seasons rewards for class or all ranking?

    Rikh (one of the top EU FMs) asked this question via twitter. Answer was for all rankings, not class. I believe it was babbletron that he asked but I don't really use twitter so no idea how to find it for you.
  10. As said before, it's the new RNG boxes. Extremely cheap and regularly drop 3 field repair tools / 5 Hongmoon Unsealing charms (both unable to trade). On top of that, regularly drop venture tokens to get even more of them. That being said, I'm using them as a cheap way to up my premium rank and I've got 750 hammers, 205 unsealing charms so I've sold my normal hammers/charms on the market.
  11. I feel bad for some people, decided to give it a few runs before dailies reset and got the mask after 5 runs.
  12. Release Cobalt Captain

    I noticed on the stream where they were showing off BSH that it looked like one of their characters had Cobalt Captain (or something with the same image) in their inventory. Strange how it wasn't shown off.
  13. How do we get Wings costume?

    As far as I'm aware these were cash shop only in other regions (CN I think?) and were 30 or 50 dollars. Yes, very expensive.
  14. New RNG Box in Shop!

    I feel bad for you man, bought a 28x set and got the coat.
  15. Hongmoon Levels

    It's 11 skill points I believe (5-2-1-2-1) and also 2 hongmoon secrets for each class LMB for all and then a specific for each. Off the top of my head I think it's X for FM and 3 for Sin but can't remember others.
  16. Force Master - Dragonchar auto casting???

    You can hold down a button to auto cast, which is the blue outline you see. If it's doing it without you holding it down, it's something on your end ie the key's stuck down or something.
  17. Summoner cat HP

    Talents, check for House Cat or something like that. Not on my summoner so can't really check I'm afraid
  18. When exectly daily's restarts

    6am gmt/utc So yeah, same as daily dash.
  19. Regenerating HP

    Take Health regen on certain talents (ie blade dancer Z, FM tab) You should be overflowing with food though, all of my 45s have between 100-250 just from drops.
  20. Names in Arena

    As Enamour said, gold+ will display their name.
  21. Force Master's Frost Tornado

    Stops BD spin but not sure on what else.
  22. What Is The Best Critical Soul Shield Atm?

    Don't forget stats can vary on each piece (I believe all except no.3 can roll crit) so you may need to unseal a lot more than just 8.
  23. In the store there's a tab on the right hand side to swap between NCoin/HM Coin
  24. Take care in Bidding!!!

    But it is his fault and he does deserve it. It isn't a scam, it's him not paying attention. Sure, there are rare occasions where the price is jacked up as soon as you're about to bid, but he's already said this isn't one of those times.
  25. Take care in Bidding!!!

    It is and will always be your own fault if you're just spamming Y. However, if you notice that you're paying way above what you expected, just leave the bloody group before the timer runs out. It isn't a hard concept to grasp.