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  1. Personally idk if this has been brought up in another forum or can even be asked on the forums, (since im not one who spends alot of times on the forum) but ANYWAY. Im sure there are more then a few ppl who can agree with what im about to say esp those ppl who have limited choices OR choose to do DC/ PT in f8 by Recruiting (not LFP cuz obv that is a gamble). But players spend time looking for certain ppl for certain dungeons but instead get bombarded by that 1 or more player who continuously spams to join the party after been kicked because they do not qualify or are not needed in
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    i'm one of those "old players" coming back to play G.S , as such i a bit lost with these Lvl 55 Skills on Gunslinger, i can't access Sniper Stance or Flare even though i'm lvl 50 HM 10 (60) is it a HM skill? or badge or ? not out yet since its new? cuz the only thing it says is "it Requires lvl 55"
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