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  1. Siren/Pirate Path

    You can agree as much as you want, but that doesn't make it okay. The forum is meant for questions and discussions, you don't have to answer them or take part in them if it doesn't peak your interest. This is how toxic child-like communities begin.
  2. Siren/Pirate Path

    Thank you for your very informative and useful post.
  3. Better requirements for faction chat

    I've noticed that as well.
  4. Make faction chat require level 30+ and a certain faction rank. After all.. it would make some sense for a faction rank to be required to talk in faction chat. Boom gold selling spammers problem solved from faction chat.
  5. How does this work? We killed blackwyrm and I died a ton of times, but I got bugged twice in my death and I used Escape to revive then had to wait 10 minutes for the Escape cooldown the second time so I missed a ton of dps. It doesn't help that I'm a LBM and have to work a lot harder to survive than a FM does -.- especially with the lag of so many people. How much damage contribution do you have to do, does it reset if you revive?
  6. Looking for a partner

    I haven't played the game yet, but I have purchased the master pack because I know I will be playing the game for a long time. I'm completely new to the game, but I learn all games extremely quickly and am looking for someone to level with whether you are new too or are someone who's willing to teach me some tricks/basics. I'm probably going to be a hardcore PvPer, [have been in most games].