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  1. Please fixe this!

    http://prntscr.com/a1ox6m please fixe this also happened at arena
  2. RIP Servers again

    and once more EU servers are down
  3. Highland Gate New Server

    no new players out there?
  4. Looking for new friends to start playing in this server if your wanna join me please reply or send me msg thanks
  5. New Server Launch

    Can someone please tell me thanks
  6. New Server Launch

    When and what time will the new server launch wanna play in Spirit´s Rest..
  7. LF Leveling Buddy

    hey zedgod, give me your teamspeak server so we can talk befor the headstart, i have masterfounder pack still haven´t decided wich server im gonna play but i´ll be playing assassin.
  8. LF Leveling Buddy

    Hi, im looking for buddy english or portugues to lvl up.