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  1. ... I've never got any email spam on my inbox from some trash trying to sell me gold, NOT UNTIL I bought the Student Pack from NCWest... It is a pain in the arse to logon everyday and do NCWest job for them, reporting/blocking spammers gold sellers, BEFORE I can start playing...
  2. Stop with all this nonsense bickering, all they need to do is remove low level instances from the daily. Problem solved. When I have the time, I run a few low level instances to help the newbies. However, I don't just wipe the dungeon clean, I make sure they work for their salt. Simply plowing everything just because you wish to get your daily done, without regard for maybe 1 or 2 unlucky newbies that will sure get pwned by mobs while trying to keep up with you is selfish. Another issue with this "brilliant" NCWest idea is the asshats in this game, and they are many, ju
  3. A DPS meter will only ADD to the peer pressure system in place. The only ones that profit from this is NCSoft and Gold Sellers, because bullied players with acceptance fear/issues will give into buying gold so that they can have more AP, so they don't get kicked from Asura. I once was accepted by a party where all other 5 members had 600+ AP, I was like wow thanks for having me since my AP was 450 and they told me not to worry they would destroy everything. This was Shogun's Lament, and I don't need to tell you how it ended... Point is that players get peer pressured, buy thei
  4. Blade and Soul has PVP ? ROTFLMAO
  5. I have the skill already from collecting Cold Storage tokens, I worked hard for it and so should everyone else. This item should not be available for trade/sell and should be bound to the account on pick up, hands down. I am surprised to see a gameplay changing items like this book available for gold. It is enough to have Premium Membership packages that give an edge on drops and other exclusive perks, like Wardrobe and especial the Dragon Express Shop. That's cool, they need to make money. If it is too hard for you all to understand how this is an insult to hard work,
  6. I guess that you all missed the point... This item should be bind on pickup, NOT trade or sell allowed. Account bound yes, no problem there.
  7. Dragon Call Volume 2, dropped from the Bloodshade Harbor last boss, 4 members left in the party and one Warlock only. First bid on Dragon Call Volume 2 was 2.50 Gold from a Blade Dancer and I was jaw dropped Sure enough, checking the marketplace I find Dragon Call Volume 2... In before fanboy club + Gold Seller Farm staff members jump here to trash this thread. Outfits and Consumables like XP Boosting potions and whatnot is okay, but this... this is hands down wrong!
  8. Warlock, hands down. Everything else you hear is just hype.
  9. NCWest... Next time someone suggests you to BLOCK CHINA AND KOREA IP RANGES YOU SHOULD LISTEN
  10. Most likely to be a hack, if not in the patch notes.
  11. ... and was wondering what other colours I could use for EYES, HAIR, BODY and MAKEUP.
  12. Easy to tell that English is not his/her native language...
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