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  1. Housing?!

    If you are asking this question, you don't know much about NC yet. They will only do it if they can make massive profit. Aion has housing system but you have to be super rich to get it. Anyway, the bottom line is they wouldn't consider it unless there is massive demand from China version. Their biggest market is currently China and People are saying they do 'beta test' on KR server.
  2. Unsealing Charm

    Hmm no offence to anyone including NC but NC will never do this because of four reasons. 1. Getting a Chest is extremely easy. They literally give you a box on every kill. If unsealing is easy/cheap, it will be rather too easy to get geared hence 2. Unsealing Charm isn't impossible make it require 2 gathering jobs and 2 crafting jobs. The hardest part is getting quartz as it seems majority of them are being farmed by a bot or nod farmer. Following is the list of profession you need to make unsealing char btw. Tree feller Stone Cutter Merry Potters Earthseers Because there is alternative way to make them, NC will not consider lower the price which will encourage to ppl to make them. 3. You can get from Daily dungeon. This will make each daily someone meaningful. 4. NC is selling job specific key on Hongmoon store. enough said.
  3. Two Factor Authentication?

    Hi, I used to play quite a few MMO including Everquest Final Fantasy 14 and Sarwars Galaxy etc etc. Majority of them had two factor authentication and it worked pretty well for me. (For 7 yeaers of MMO, not hacked once) I know it is annoying you have to get your smart phone out to type number and all but at least i feel more secure. I know B&S does check IP address and on screen PIN on top of main password but it can be captured fairly easily these days if PC is compromised key&screen logger. I would feel much safer as it is checking from independent device. Maybe I am too sensitive about this as I had quite a few friend who had issue with their account hacked but I would feel more secure if they can add two factor authentication feature so I have peace in mind when I logout and go to work. Any thought?
  4. Oceanic Servers

    This is because the latency from NZ or AU to San Jose (via Hawaii) is 127ms minmum and from SJ to Texas is roughly 50ms (though you can do a little better with VPN). Not sure which city you are at but you shouldn't get any more than 200ms. Try ping to any ip in san jose ( and see what you are getting. if you are getting more than 200ms it is your ISP issue (or your LAN) When I played this game in KR server from NZ, the ping was flux between 300ms-500ms and it was definitely unplayable even for PvE. Leveling to 45 was easy but some of elite dungeon, you can't play role properly as you are unable to dodge AoE or you get one or two shotted. As a melee you will almost want to be carried or get kicked in the middle of dungeon. The contents got a lot easier after the patch though (with aoe telegraph which wasn't there 2 years ago). You have to dodge by looking at AI motion as previously they didn't put telegraph even at 6 man dungeon. Ping from NZ to NA is much better and more stable it is sitting at somewhere between 158ms - 168ms. You can reflect easily and be able to dodge in time.
  5. Impossible FPS drop (freezes). I'm beggin' for help..

    Why would anyone use windows 10 to play game? It is not optimised it is causing more problem than improving despite what M$ says. I had the exactly same issue with i7 + Nvidia GTX 780. I also tried everything including driver upgrade/downgrade nothing works. i never had more than 24 fps with all option turned off. It runs at 60 FPS now with Windows 7 installed. Sounds weird? no. BnS is about 4 years old it is optimised for older system including OS. Perhaps you try with Win 7 if this game is worth that much to you.
  6. Premium Queue after Launch

    Hmm I've experienced 2 client crash and 2nd one got 3 hour wait. I've seen many ppl go afk when they go sleep and i think this will cause a lot of inactive player remain in server. Each server has their capacity and it won't let people in until people actually log out or their client crash. And of course things are only going to get worse after the Launch. This is neither NC's fault nor subscribers. It's the fate of F2P at launch. But this can be better. Suggestion 1: [Auto afk kick after 30min-60min inactive] Benefit: This will at least clear out people who is not doing actively involve in game. This will make room in server in terms of its capacity and it will decrease the queue significantly. Suggestion 2: [Grace Period for Disconnected Player] Internet is best effort service and people can get diconnected. Or sometime client crashes. These people who waited 3 horus on the queue to go mad as there will be another 3 hours waiting. NC should put like 5min grace period so if they got booted from game, they could skip the queue. Again, this issue will auto resolved over time let's say 1 month max. But NC should do something for their paying customer or they ain't gonna get new subscription after their subscription ends.
  7. Naming Character

    Hi Guys, Does Toon naming system is first and last name basis or just the 1st name? Thx!
  8. Unofficial Oceanic server

    Hey guys, I want to know if there is anyone from OZ/NZ time zone. I will be playing in Poharan Server if anyone want to level/party with me :) I've played Korean version a lot in the past and I am quite keen to share my experience :) Kind Regards,
  9. Hey, i will be playing in Mushin as well. I think my 1st toon will be a force master. I've played in Korean server while ago til Lv45 for most of class. I also have experience with most of dungeons including 45 elite dungeon Maze Please feel free to add me :)
  10. NCoins not deposited

    Hey guys, where can i find the code? I purchased master pack but i never got any code.
  11. Stuck on the loading Screen?!

    Hey, I had a similar problem but it came with bnscrashreport. I completely deleted everything and installed on new folder and everything works fine. You supposed to see looping of intro screen after you get past loading screen until server is up.