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  1. You should calm the *cricket* down, you are the one who missed the point, i just expressed my opinion (like i clearly said in my first post) and i never said it was "universal law", which for you equal to be a " narcissistic self important jerk who thinks the entire world should revolve around my personal tastes" it seems. Maybe unlike what you think you are the narcissistic self important jerk since you can't accept the fact that other people have different opinions... Anyway let's just stop there since you put words in my mouth and you already know me after reading two posts it s
  2. No i didn't say having breasts is inherently sexual, but breasts are associate with sexuality in most cultures. What i say is that in the context of the game, adding the possibility of having Lyn (which are a childlike race) with big breasts would sexualized them even more than they already are.
  3. It's already possible to make some ridiculously big boobs and you want more ?! where will be the limit ? since it's never gonna be enough for some people... Adding a slider for the Lyn would only sexualized them even more imo.
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