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  1. Or just a thought, like they used to do in other NCSoft games I played, Having LIVE GM's monitor the game and ban them as they appear. I know pretty radical concept there
  2. Completely agreed Wardrobe should be free to everyone, as per other territory. Premium should have a bigger storage capacity. Way more then the extra cheap 200 HM coins for 3 months sub (really???) put another zero there and we'll start talking. As another player mentioned, go look up Japan, they know how to treat their customer and not just as another ATM
  3. Tried to do it, doesn't work now. But I did it around 2 weeks ago on an alt
  4. Big problem with farming for Moonstones in SSP is You don't get no Fracking KEY. done SSP 20+ times and of those I only ever got 2 keys for drop and stuck with a bunch of chests I can't open
  5. Well, if they wanna keep outfits at those ridiculous prices. Give away a FREE, 1 month Premium account, with the purchase of 1 outfit.
  6. I, for one, think that the current Staggeringly insanely High prices on outfit, are the biggest stopper in people buying them. Cheapest I saw converted from NCoin, was 12usd, and highest around 18usd, with most around 16usd. Never for me at those prices, divide that by 10 and i'll start buying
  7. Seriously NC Soft I never payed attention to the Cash Shop until now when I saw an outfit that interested me was back. but with your prices, you just made my decision for me. I for one will Never Buy an outfit from your shop. Cheapest I saw was 12$ with most at 17$. Seriously 1 outfit cost MORE then your Monthly sub. THAT is an epic fail there. Just a thought, if your Subscription is cheaper then 1 single outfit, does that mean you consider your Sub to be near Worthless ??? At less then 3$ for an outfit I will think about it, until then Never.
  8. Just a little update. I logged in at 10pm to get a near 24 hour window (logged from 10pm to 12:30, then from 10am to 3pm), on Server Old man Cho New Spam List Ban number 22...and that's only on Cerulean side. I don't even wanna know how bad it is on the Crimson side. Really, NC Soft NEED to ACT
  9. Please for the love of my remaining mental sanity, NCSoft, Do something about the Incessant Bombarding of Gold Spammer in both Factions Chat. I'm currently blocking over 10 a day. It has reached a ridiculous level of quality Nuisance for the players. It is past the time for you to put Live GM's to monitor Faction chats on servers and Live Ban the offenders. Seriously in the last 12 hours I banned 17 Spammers (added the last 2 while I was typing this mail, really)
  10. Same thing happened to me, removed my 2 points and I can't put them back in
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