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  1. Game is p2w especially with realeasing unbalanced 6v6 . Everybody who tells you otherwise must invest already to much(time/money) they dont even want to think about it. A yeah if u dont want pvp skip this game. And even id u play pvp i cant reccomend cause insane lags in arena non stop or meet bots/hack bots summoners/hackers ....( and they pay subscription i mean main bot acc to be protected from bans...) Also main problem is u instaling practicaly rootkit into your pc name is gameguard and thats the worse problem...
  2. For sure they dont use Game masters cause there are non in this game.......
  3. I did everysingle blue quest and few dailies on road and i was only 100k xp missing at the end. Biggest flaw for me is that story dont end no final fight nothing....
  4. Excuses Excuses still u missed many another major mistakes NCsoft did..... Cause players(excusers) like you mmorpgs dying like flyes..... Its cheap money grab at this stance and nothing more. I just dont see any effort put to game from NCsoft only give me money part if u want to compete......( iam 45lvl full pve set. siren weapon not low lvl) PS: u cant excuse sold boxes that some players already are prepared for lvl 50 legendaries just from them....
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