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  1. I am so furious right now!

    yaya sure we know Wink Wink :)
  2. I am so furious right now!

    U are biggest troll i have seen long time keep it up :D
  3. this topic is waste of time cause ncsoft ignore their community by 90% of time not to mention never saw anyone asnwering on forum.... I mean someone who dev team... they dont even answer on their own stream why u expect them to answer on forum.....
  4. BDO VS BNS - pros n cons

    To be frank both games are low but if i was forced to pick i would pick BDO cause their company care more about their game....NCsoft just beyond saving. They just go and milk game after game with zero effort put in . I played many games but NCsoft given failure new face , and most funny is they maked money from it cause they just scammed people with sweet words , and runned with money...I am so sad koreans let themselves get scammed by this company..... Still waiting for THE mmorpg playting lol , wot and darksouls till then. :)
  5. Signs of a grim future

    I dont get that they are already working on another game , Bns is just cashgrab with zero effort put in . They already maked enought money of game so now they can drop low pop servers etc. and they are still on high money income. They dont need to do anything about game cause they just dont give crap they took money and run to another project . 3/4 of BnS dev team already works on another game . Others just blatantly copying version they get from kr with close to non value added...... Dont even dare someone from Bns stream to come to EU i maybe can control myself but u just scamed whole EU of good korean game and people dont forget that!!!!!!
  6. new in game.

    Game is p2w especially with realeasing unbalanced 6v6 . Everybody who tells you otherwise must invest already to much(time/money) they dont even want to think about it. A yeah if u dont want pvp skip this game. And even id u play pvp i cant reccomend cause insane lags in arena non stop or meet bots/hack bots summoners/hackers ....( and they pay subscription i mean main bot acc to be protected from bans...) Also main problem is u instaling practicaly rootkit into your pc name is gameguard and thats the worse problem...
  7. Well only thing they are loooking into are microtransactions and ways to scam more money from you before giving your acc to their hacker to steal everything from you so if u want to continue u need to pay again this may be far fatched but i dont fell like thats cant be happening sadly....NCsoft needs kick in the ... from koreans prob or game will die out well already dead for my country players sadly.... from 250+ to 20 active players well rip ...... ( i know that via facebook page where we stacked)
  8. Ye that fixed whole problem with hacking bots in arena for sure well seconds later 5 in row hacking sumoner Big Bad middlefinger coming your way NCsoft!!!! They are working only on looking side but inside its still mess.....Well see ya i check game out again in month...
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAH no rng boxes but they plan to up their income i wonder how :D P2w coming soon for you ALLL!!!! I dont have to be nostradamus to know that.....
  10. So...Outfit Pouches.

    Welcome in group of scammed people :) chargeback would help i guess worth ban cause game is not worth to play anymore gold exchange tells story if in game money 1g dropss from 70hg coins to below 20 u know games goes to hell....
  11. RIP HMS Blade & Soul

    Exchange gold for Ncoin tells story of game before gold was worth 70 hongmooncoins now its worth 21 game just total trashed by bots and their owners....If the in game gold is not worth even little u know game goes to hell..... And NCsoft is still in total denial....
  12. Giving up on this game.

    Well they dont suport even their servers and game barely how could you even thinnk they would suport any type of anything in their own game.... This game is one big scamfest from 'NCsoft why would you think they would not allow scamming in their game.... I hate Ncsoft / I like bns but sadly NCsoft is driving this trainwreck of the p2w scam fest train death parade so thankfully i can only add salt in forums cause my big dissapointment in them thankfully i am not longer on board. My advice for any other player is run with money until Bns be taken by company that give damn about their game.
  13. UNLESS u botting scripting or hacking, account thefting u will get banned for sure in no time !!! NCsoft actively dont give a S... About things i listed.....All others god save you use costume mod that will steal them their money they hoarded......
  14. They dont even streams anymore so why do you think they will invest anything into game they literally only copyed from korea and did no work at all.... There are no eu/na devs for this game there is big fat zero of responses on forums cause what they not exist or what is even worse they dont care.... Currently playing dark souls 3 and i can say that it is game worth time and money . Sadly blade and soul is just big milking cow for some NCwest corporate commanders.... I dont even believe koreans know whats happening in west with their game....
  15. Game just became p2w ggwp NCSOFT

    Lol somebody still play this game.... Month by month is worse and worse everysingle sane person or guys who didint buy long term premiumship already runed away i rather buy Darksouls 3 triple time then invest into game that i so much scam milk project its not even funny anymore... I invested loot for me into game and it was not rewarding at all . They are rushing content to much cause they are running out of real people....Try game after few month will be wasteland only with few elitists ..