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  1. Ofc acc. should be account bound.....but i doubt support tranfer them....not to mention most of the players running two chars so it would be usles for them anyways
  2. What a load of crap.....u cant tranfser equ. Sure i can make a post on forum too... saying that when u ask very kindly for a legenday wep. GM gnna give u one...I think OP just want to flood support with transfer equ tickets
  3. Hope they gnna add more cupons got to many pouches left to open:) or make those green cards bound to acc...got 50/50 on my chars lol cant get that freaking AP stone
  4. Well if more people gnna shout about cupons maybe they listen.....yea and what do we do with pouches?...wait or discard
  5. Yea im fkt up too....hope they add aditional cupons or put some in shop for nccoins
  6. I say add cupons for couple of days to shop for nccoins and take my money
  7. Well shit i dint realize that there is a limit by the time ive reach it hehe.....and adding cupons for NCcoins for couple of days after the event would be smart move for ncsoft
  8. So i dint know that there is a limit for event cupons 100 per acc apparently.....did it on my alts too....so im out of cupons for two days now...the annoying thing is i lack like 5 cards to get that AP stone on my main but cant open any more pouches....my question is....can we get cupons after the event for NCcoins to open pouches that we still have?...thx
  9. I dont see any reson why smon would vote NO for PERSONAL dps meters....if u dont need it dont use it....i would welcome them gladly
  10. For the love of god add some moonstones to dung drop or daily reward....its over 6g for one....its to much specially for the new players...we got 1-2 darts for dailys would be nice to get 1-2 moonstones too....Battlegrounds are dominated by legendary pts not to mention que times are abysmal...soul stone keys? u can farm whole day ssp and get one key if u r unlucky....and u can be...and most servers got one faction dominance so yea...adding 1-2 moonstones to daily dung. rewards wouldn be bad
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