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  1. Any Guide for the new dungeons

    http://www.freedomplays.com/blade-soul-soguns-lament-guide/#more-2140 full guide + video
  2. TT Event, Anything Good 4 No Pay?

    for this event im not using real money but instead im using gold to change to hongmoon coin, im started this event with 6k hongmoon coin that i gain from exchance currency before the event and buy the expension slot for the 1st day and buy 10 key from hongmoon store but im not using that key instantly i keep and collect all the key till the last day but after 10th day my hcoin almost empty and i need to exchange back the gold to hongmoon coin but the rate is low and i just can get 4 key a day after 10th day of the event and at the end of day i manage to collect around 125 key total i open it all yesterday and i got :- 1 sapphire gem 3x100 gold ingot light spectre dark spectre 3x100 soulstone 100 frozen stinger in total 20 naryu tablet in total 5 ormament in total 5 facric 3 high quality fabric and other junk so the point is even if u no pay u still can manage thing to be like `paying player` with a bit of patient for the item just hope u have a some luck for good item
  3. Enigmatic Belt

    why u need to waste ur time do kill it like 50-100 time when u just can buy it from marketplace?
  4. Is anyone satisfied here?..

    im happy with game play, i not really care about the bots coz the bot is doing farming for material like soulstone, moonwater tear, quartz and them sometime manage the price for the item, with huge flooding item in market the price will automatic reduce and it good for normal player, and i agree with lagg when with large group, i cannot doing bw or world boss more than 40 people coz i will got huge delay and then connection lost, 40-60 sec delay is unaccepted to play, i dont know how fun in the new map coz i still cannot access to the new map coz my character is stuck on loading screen when i taking portal from mushin tower to new map following main quest, it already 6 day my character stuck. but i wish and i hope something better from NCsoft when them doing maintenance this wednesday
  5. Grand Harvest Crashes

    mybe it time them closed this game for good and let other developer or game company handle this game, this game from bad to worse to nightmare then to hell 4 year waiting for English version might not really worth with this all happen since head start, problem just keep piling every day goes on
  6. every game that been release just only to collect money from the player, even u complain people still paying for monthly membership or buying something from shop, but when drop rate of people paying for monthly or buying from shop them will release new patch to encourage people to still keep playing the game, the more hardest to collect money from player the more faster new content will been launch, because from new content the player will keep playing even them complain about it because them know that what player need, did the game company care about the player? no them don`t care, as long them can get money from the player them wont care, coz them know this is very popular game and people will keep playing when something new is out even at the same time player keep complain. for class why game company not balanced the class it because when player them play unbalanced class them will making new character to play, from there them can keep player to play their game . correct me if im wrong
  7. Stage 2 Redownloads(still need help)

    the 85 bit file? u can try this to skip that 1) Do a "file check" in the launcher and wait for it to finish 2) DONT launch the game 3) Navigate to your game folder Standard: "'C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\bin'" 4)Select local.ini file and right click into properties 5) Make it Read-only
  8. it been almost 48 hour to me to get in touch with my main that have been stuck in new map and the solution still blur, did they expect us to build our own ISP company to play this? or buy pc from year 2050 to play this?
  9. is a steam version of the game a possibility

    i really hope i can play this game with less spike and lagg compare what we have now, not drop fps when meet a big group of player or doing world boss, not been crash when have more than 50 people in same area, no connection problem just simply a good game, i know u all can do way better than what we already have here
  10. Mushin's Tower 3F - Bomani is bugged

    btw im agree with u with new patch out the more unreasonable bug appear to normal human player
  11. Mushin's Tower 3F - Bomani is bugged

    buy 5f ticket then :V
  12. Update

    that why i told u this server make specially for bot not for normal human player
  13. mybe we should forward this to lord Gaben :V ask them to put this game under steam care
  14. Lag only in BnS???

    BnS it not the 1st game i play on NA server but this is the worse i play so far due to connectivity to server, i play skyforge in NA i dont have any problem with my connection or lagg even in large group of people, WoW also i can do 40 vs 40 pvp without lagging but when play BnS oh my god... even with I7 and gforce 970 Gcard u can even crash or lagging so bad
  15. i think NCsoft launch this game only for bot that why them dont care much about the bot in everywhere them only do care about people that play in internet cafe/cybercafe( u get banned if u play multiple account on same IP) and also bots not complain them only normal player does i still trying to get in touch with my main that stuck in zaiwei city after 30 hour and still no hope for that