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  1. So, I'm wondering how people would feel if there was a yearly name wipe for inactive accounts. This way more names become available to players whom actually play the game currently.
  2. The chances of that are slim. How about if players were notified via email months prior to the name reset. It's unlikely that someone would return to the game after not playing for a year How would you feel if people whom reserved a name would not lose their names even if the account was inactive. I understand people might want to do that but there name still if they do return however do you think its fair for them to hold onto a name if they never come back ? as @Cherish stated this is a common thing that happens in mmos.
  3. You cant do that w/ an mmo
  4. Using alt-codes are annoying if you're trying to invite someone to PT unless you have them added, in clan, or they apply to PT I can understand being notified because yes people actually did pay to reserve their name(s)
  5. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    okay they announced it on their stream ? things are still under development and things are subject to change. You bought thinking they wouldn't change anything which is a risk.
  6. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Ya'll mad because you took a risk buying radiant energies and lost I'm dead as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ lol. The exact reason you don't buy them lol never know what could happen lol
  7. Des will be top dps soon so just chill your horses...
  8. Win trading/boosting

    EXHIBIT A : 2 days into the new tag season E
  9. Sunday challenge...

    you're not forced to do both 24mans.... can always just do 1 and then do talus dungeon.
  10. Fastest update

    Its called a guild lol seriously don't do LFG all day find an active guild all the content we have right now you only need up to true pirate people asking for 550+ n shit for dungs most of them can't even play their class properly. Don't get me started how many people leave Yeti 4Man if there isn't a FM in the party lol lol people get gear / class carried through content.
  11. Never met people so rude lol people think they're entitled to information. I'm not mad, but seriously people complaining in faction chat because i was wanting to sell the high quality / rich node times for the 8 channels I have accusing me of scamming LOL when 1. they haven't even traded me and 2. they say the nodes are "available" to everyone so I should be giving out the node times for free. You know what I decided to give out a node time for free and spammed it in faction chat only 1 person showed up LOL seriously I don't understand people on this game.
  12. Is all the $$$ and time spent worth it?

    the problem is that people feel under-geared when they do f8 literally its filled with people wanting 550+ AP for EVERY DUNGEON. I'm not going to lie, I am a victim to this too if i just want a nice and simple run although i've done plenty of runs of different dungeons and oh man... if people dont get FM carried in Yeti your in for a time of your life. Also you get those few people that die ONCE in a dungeon and call everyone else noobs and they're actually the problem had this happen in an Asura 6man pug with a 560AP FM complaining about other people not doing the stun and knockdown mechanic during 2nd boss when he's doing crap incorrectly (stunning green adds > knocking down blue adds). He left after he died and i just recruited randoms and we completed the dungeon easily.
  13. 5 players LFG

    I'm currently in a guild that has about 3-6 people on daily if you guys are willing to join us you're more than welcome we're thinking about crafting our 3rd clan outfit soon going to let people make their own designs and a vote on which one everyone likes. We're Cerulean Order as well. Forgot to mention add me in-game if you're interested my ign is Polite.
  14. omg ZombieJuice D: is that you? its Jarv/Furizu from Dragon Nest/Raidcall
  15. Quit UR Life to keep up with BNS

    in coming LFG 550AP + for all the new dungeons coming out. It's sad when people think gear out weights skill, shoot I'm a 520 des and I get into yeti groups with 550+ap even 600+ap. Needless to say if you don't have a FM in the party people die to easy mechanics because they expect to get class carried lol. Also I do Asura 6 man as a 4man with a few of my guild mates and we clear no problem with some of us being at 520ap its kinda sad when i see 550+ ap for easy content when its all designed to be done in true siren.
  16. 3RF training with pigs

    Yes that's fine
  17. Just a small tweak to bidding please

    on a serious note this is why I don't run with pugs lol. Although my guildies and I fool around bidding against each other.
  18. thiasdasd you'll still need soulstones lololol
  19. How to deal with BD as a Destroyer

    nah lol its cool man the pvp servers are pretty shitty for both NA and EU dont worry man. i also have a 200+ ping while pvping
  20. maint will be long so..post ur music

  21. maint will be long so..post ur music