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  1. new event tokens

    Event Dungeon + DC = 5 x 21 = 105 Weekly Raid(DKV,FAS,SJF) = 11 x 3 = 33 105 + 33 = 138 event currency 138 - 89 = 49 Tokens can be missed if you are going for awakened pet.
  2. wind kfm simple mode

    easy, disable swift strike. Problem SOLVED. LOL
  3. Simple mode is useful on high ping players (including me) but the way that it is designed on some classes is not that good. Iam a blade dancer using it and improved my dps. But the only thing i hate it uses X (Thunder Slash) anytime it is up, so if i need to like be 3 meters on some boss mechanics i'll be closer and lost the chance of evading some boss attacks. I dont know about other classes but, they should give us chance to edit the simple mode.
  4. Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon Path

    idk if just me or im so unlucky never seen a blood pearl dropped since maintenance. /grrr
  5. Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon Path

    They released a NON raid weapon so that people doesnt have time for raid can progress, now everyone needs blood pearls and its kinda bs. So now how can people progress a little bit fast if you need bloodpearls for the new soul upgrade, so annoying.
  6. Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon Path

    im kinda bumping this
  7. Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon Path

    thumbs up for you. pretty much you said it all. hope NCSoft notice this.
  8. Im kinda annoyed when I watched the stream earlier. The storm dragon weapon is designed for people doesn't have raid and and alternative path to reaching aransu 6. Before blood pearls is not a problem cause no one needs it. But now all people needs it for the new soul upgrade. I farmed DD and RT for it. Now i think we need alternatives to get it like void fragments in celestial basin. Make it available for crafting. Dont make it limited to DD, RT and the new incoming raid and dungeon.
  9. Just right click each item and press Y to unpack.