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  1. I ran Tower of Memory as a duo group and neither of us received a gift box. We only received experience. It says "Complete the Tower of Memory event dungeon to receive Memory Lane Giftbox, which contains 1 guaranteed Snow Crystal as well as additional rewards." I'm going to submit a ticket. I don't know if anyone else had this problem.
  2. I agree. I pay my premium membership every month for those "extra" rewards. When I'm told that we get extra login rewards for being a premium member, then I expect them to provide those rewards. Especially when they set a date for those rewards and I've been paying for it. As a customer it's what I'm owed. If you want to get technical, then you pay $12/mo for a service or rather $3/wk. One month they short you a week so that's $3 worth of rewards that you feel that you haven't received. Mind you that $3 isn't a whole lot, but say you got your car fixed and they short changed you by $3.. would
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