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  1. Rise With Us, Crimson Legion!

    This is great! Imagine all the mats I'd save for only 10 SS. Especially for my alts, going from infernal to like true pirate all in one go.
  2. Is this ban worthy?

    Let's all be friends for the sake of this cute kitty cat
  3. Is this ban worthy?

    To be fair we're just doing our own thing, and being accused of exploiting. So you can't really blame some of us for getting peeved.
  4. Is this ban worthy?

  5. Is this ban worthy?

    How is this unfair? As far as we're concerned we are just playing the game and making videos. As far as we're concerned many people have been doing this, be it our guild or others. Be it this game or others. So is helping our guild out in making a video unfair or not?