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  1. I honestly don't get it. In this game when new content is added, players get punished by stat and rewards crippling instead of making old content easier and more rewarding to do as catch up mechanic. This patch makes me even less motivated to play. Making farming gold even slower just shows they want more people to spend money on upcoming trove. What a backwards system. Progression is so heavily tied on how much you are willing to spend RNG lootbox events and trove.
  2. B&S endgame design is... weird. In this game the grind is the endgame. The end game content is so hollow it's all about doing same dungeons hundreds of times, to upgrade your gear so you can do the same dungeons faster. Regular progression is so slow people can't wait for trove to progress fast, just to do the old dungeons faster than before. And weekly raids that are the highlight of the game, but even there drops are so RNG you might need to wait for months if you're unlucky. If they made getting those accessories faster it's not like people could upgrade them to max just lik
  3. This is why I'm waiting for Bless Online. When you think about it, running one dungeon for 200 times to get an important drop is just ridiculous. Like comon, but these things also as chance on weekly raids or vendors that would cost alot of gold, something like 400-600g and some not too hard to obtain materials maybe. Or just increase the drop rate a bit.
  4. Is it possbile to downgrade your gem slots by bad RNG when you upgrade a weapon?
  5. B&S is Whale Simulator 2017 thanks to trove events, you either accept it or don't. I think this event is valuable for non whales too if you like some of the non-rose costumes in the boxes. Going for rose means either you should have too much money to spend or knowing it's very likely not going to happen unless you buy at least 50 boxes or so. And still you might not get it.
  6. Some dungeons have too many loading screens while it's kind of problem when easy dungeons doesn't have any. It would discourage leeching in frozen fang if there was a portal near the boss so people would need at least move instead of standing afk at the entry to get their daily quest done.
  7. I think you shouldn't be able to bid other classes weapons if they are in the group. This one mofo tried to make me pay 12g for pistol drop. I stopped bidding and he lost the gold. Next run I got the pistols for 20 copper because no one was trying to blackmail me this time. Felt pretty good for that guy losing his gold but I was really lucky to get the pistols to drop again on next run.
  8. Nobody wants to wait the whole 30 seconds just because gunslinger is restocking their hooks. Utter waste of time. Oh, I just realized the hooks disappears when the match begins anyway. I guess they don't want to us have hooks ready when match starts which is kinda weird.
  9. Totally love it from playstyle to animations. Seems really good for arena too but might be too early to say yet as most people probably have no clue what they are doing below 1500 score. As neither do I as I didn't utilize Q or had Z even unlocked yet and kept messing rotations, but still I won 4 of 6 matches I played. Overall I have more fun than on assassin or warlock.
  10. That actually happened to me too, the coin purchase was lagging so I accidentally purchsed coins twice for 50€. Then I made a support ticket to refund the other but I changed my mind and asked them to cancel it because of the trove as I can as well spent it to keys and get good stuff since I took over an year break. I bought them couple of days ago, it has been lagging for quite a while I see.
  11. This patch and gunner made me come back and get excited of the game again after over year break, so hell yes.
  12. As long as people will continue buying gold from sellers there will be new bots, and there will always be people who buys so it's never ending problem. Today I ran into hacking summoner bots in arena and while I was idling in the lobby I got wisp from a gold seller. Yeah, first they ruin arena and then shove their links to my face. By buying gold people make the whole gaming experience worse for everyone.
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