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  1. I have try to mail items to my friend but received this message: You are required to charge your NC coin at least once to send mail. May I know what does this mean and how to resolve?
  2. My current clan is having a different time zone from me thus looking for a new one. I am from Singapore @ Dochun Server. AP 943 Sin here. Please refer me good clans and thanks in advance!
  3. Just submit a ticket. They will help you. I encounter it before. The GM will ban this persona and also return u all the gold you traded. Trust me.
  4. Hi Guys, I am looking for an active clan that participate in Raven Sky Sprie quest. I am from Singapore, do hope the timing for raid will be good. Feel free to inform me about IGN and I will add you accordingly. My clan is dying thus looking out for a new one.
  5. I just did 150 keys and indeed, there is no oil and raven soul. Have 3 major critz and a lot small critz. I doubt they will refund keys to us again. LOL
  6. Anyone have the original GM Post which mention that there is an issue with the Troves?
  7. Hi NC Soft Gm, I have used 100 Keys ytd and I felt the troves really got a big problem. I do not get any hepta gems.. I am aiming for that. Do hope the compensation is good and fair...... We spent so much money on this event and after reading the post, I felt cheated!
  8. I open 100 keys ytd, only get some decent matts but not hepta gem or other fancy items..... I hope NC Soft can reimbursement us the keys we used!
  9. Is it just because of our location that cause this problem? this is not the case before the updates. I do hope blade and soul team could resolve it as this is disturbing. 24 man is always the fun task to do but if I can only stand there like an idiot, whats there to play for at all?
  10. I am a southeast asia player who have been using WTFast to play this game. Ever since after the updates on 64 bit client, I simply cant play any 24 man dungeons like KDV or MSP. My Fps shot rocket high like 700 to 1000 over FPS. I am not sure if anyone face this problem as well. I did a change back to 32 bit client, same thing happen as well. Anyone can give me advice on how to improve this? Thanks and regards, HM11 Sin in NA
  11. Quite a unqiue build from others. Not bad. I can try.
  12. Anymore peeps willing to share their skill tree?
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