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  1. If they ban bnsbuddy the game will be pretty much unplayable due to fps issues and terrible problems with the game as a whole which bnsbuddy fixes. The few that still do play will quit and bns will die for real.
  2. The real problem with this game is its overinflated economy and the inability to progress even for whales at this point. I spent maybe 10 thousand dollars on this game in my career and even for me its not worth continuing at the current state. Fix ur ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ or sell the rights to someone who actually gives a damn
  3. Run the stuff you are GEARED for you incompetent millennials. Do you go to an F1 race and participate in a freaking pinto? No, you have a proper formula machine. By that same token when you jump in the F1 car you are expected to KNOW HOW TO DRIVE IT. Learn mechs get geared and stop being a bunch of whining entitled ingrates. Learn raid mechanics, learn dungeon mechanics and most importantly learn your class. All anybody knows how to do anymore is whine and cry till they get their way. I miss the days where people had a sense of responsibility and a desire to improve rather than have everything
  4. Useless millennials cant be bothered to learn anything that isn't snapchat or Instagram related. When I do dungeons I first learn the dungeon well enough so I'm not entirely incompetent. I don't even know how these fail citizens of the world are able to function in real society.
  5. Well there should be as that would fix a lot of problems "probably"
  6. Will there be a way to choose the Korean language for the client and therefore eliminate all this so called localization lag? That would be tremendous
  7. Forget about true scorpion and bns in general. I am more interested in how these millennial pansies deal with REAL LIFE. If that kind of entitled mentality transfers over to their real life I can bet they are non contributory shites of this great country.
  8. its pretty disgusting how new generation players act. So damn entitled it turns the stomach. Ever heard of a hard days work? Try it sometime and see what kind of elation you feel after you know you've EARNED something. Whether you earn your gear through paying real money that you EARN at your JOB or gold you earn doing dailys n stuff, it is all EARNED and not given. Stop being entitled millennials.
  9. if u gonna get carried learn mechs and do them right. nobody wants to carry trash that doesn't contribute also understand your class and what it can do to make things better for everyone
  10. za warudo, star platinum, golden experience... all of those stands are 2 meter range. So in your ridiculous post you forget to realize you would have to stand 2 meters away from boss.. not 50 but yes I endorse this message and want a stand melee class ORAORAORAORAORAORAORA
  11. literally every computer made in the last 5 years is equipped with an ssd. if you area still using some bunk dinner plate hard drive you need to reprioritize cause that's just ridiculous
  12. Divine Dragon/ Tiger bracelet? Anybody still upgrading that thing is sorely misinformed. Dragonflame Jewels Accessories Skybreak/Inheritor's Ring Skybreak/Apex Earring Fallen/Elevation Necklace Divine Dragon/Tiger Bracelet King Gloves Horizon Belt
  13. I agree with him. Purely because gunner can no longer kill in aerials with our blue flame REMOVED from air targets. Gunner has no utility at all in 6s anymore and you cant dispute that fact. Every other class still gets their full assortment of badge buffs and crap but gunner cant even do the one thing it WAS good at.
  14. Its not about what we can, cant, or need to get. Its about having an event catered to stronger players for once. Play the content you are tiered for and work for the PRIVILEGE of doing the harder stuff just like everyone else you entitled millennials.
  15. God you people are something else. God forbid those of us who play a fair bit OR spend our hard earned money can have an event that is actually for us instead of us carrying the rest of you in easy events and being bored stupid. I like this event and I like the burning mausoleum and its insane dps requirements and mechanics (that rolling is crazy). Quit complaining and do your part of the event (which is no different than any other event that has ever been released as far as items earned) and let the people who roll hard play hard. I commend Ncsoft for giving us an event FOR ONCE that rewards
  16. It isn't even mentioned in known issues? Is this company gonna fix this deliberate bug or what.
  17. Immediately when I click in f3 to apply skill effects I crash and the crash report comes up. This has happened 10 times out of 10 when trying to apply either of the skill effects. Any solutions?
  18. This shit is fun as hell and I hope we get naryu lab and bloodshade with the same treatment and level of difficulty. GIT GUD
  19. Those are pure melee classes, sf is supposed to have ranged capabilities but our only good MODIFIED skill is windstorm and it is trash 90% of the time. They should at least modify snowball (right click) to do more damage since windstorm is unusable.
  20. Are they ever going to fix it so not every single melee aerial completely eliminates our ability to windstorm. What's the point of any skill modifiers for it when it is unusable for most 6v6 applications. As soon as a bm aerials or a destro piledrives or a bd aerials or literally ANYBODY aerials we lose windstorm proc. The only time a soulfighter can even use this skill is when they are alone. Such bs
  21. Fake? Just because you even have baleful 1 with "fake" ap it doesn't mean you dnt know how to play the class. I have 10 alts and I play every single class with efficiency so what do you mean by fake? As long as you meet the requirements and can do the mechs there is nothing fake about that.
  22. Well that sounds great but it still doesn't address the useless cd reduction for shadow. It would be great if they at least put another bonus there for shadow that might increase damage of salvo or something.. literally anything is better than reducing a 0 cd skill to 0 (aka it does nothing).
  23. What are these buffs we are getting next week? Are there any patch notes?
  24. Is it just me or is the main reason that vortex boosts ice wl SO MUCH is because of the cd reduction. Shadow warlock doesn't even HAVE a cd for helix which makes the stat absolutely pointless for them. Why has this not been addressed to actually benefit shadow warlocks, or has it and I have not seen it? Something that difficult to get should not completely take a shit on one element over another like that. Its like they designed the ice warlock bonus and just copy pasted it lazily into shadow. Bad form
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