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  1. The non-renewal subscription is part of some adjustments I'm doing to balance what the company should earn. :) This adjustment hurts the "Venture Tokens flow" of the wrong target of players. Not sure what's worse: the unawareness or the intentionality behind this change. Also, cutting stuff ahead of time before introducing new ways of rewarding players is, again, either plain stupid or sneaky af.
  2. You can get purple from the 10-feather-cost ascension stone boxes you buy at cold storage merchant. I did.
  3. Thank you everyone for your thoughts, especially @Amarathiel for all the math :) I see there are different opinions on this... @Fiana true, I forgot to consider Skill modifier and raid buff. On the other hand, I think that upgrading from BT3->10 for the crux is not much cheaper than 480moon+ely crystals for the early refinement. I'm convinced, I'll give it a try, like @Crona Darkdance said, it would be the best way to upg for pvp anyway. @Kozuki I could afford it somehow, but it would be (upgrade costs aside) another thing I'd have to buy from a raid, something I'm not very co
  4. Hello, I'm playing a warden, at the moment equipped with a BT ring-stage 3 and I just managed to bid a cheap Imperial Ring. I'm aware that Mystic > Crit dmg and such, BUT I was wondering if it could be a good choice to upgrade to a Myth ring stage 9/10 for the following reason: - together with Skyreach Gloves + Prophecy Neck + Bracelet i could get the 4set bonus (10ap and gaining 150 Mystic back...BT-3 gives 384) - my sheet crit rate is ~50% so the 10%crit chance increase should be efficient (if I recall correctly around 89% in dps meter) - I don't have a TT raid
  5. Laseen


    I failed stage4 with maxed BT ring/earring, maxed VT neck, tiger soul, ~59%crit and 1700ap, pulling around 1M dps when equipping the event weapon instead of the aransu9. Clearly not a random char with BT/VT 3acc and ascending soul...the bar is set too high imo. Anyway, i can afford to skip this stuff. Can they afford to loose more players? :)
  6. Hi, I find myself in the same situation. I'm gonna finish the event with 100%chance and 12 oil left. To those who claim that "I didn't grind enough" I'd like to point out that to reach such a result it means I barely skipped a few days in a 5 weeks event. I'm fine with the RNG, not jealous if someone get the soul before me, but a bit more of time margin would have been nice...no...Right is the correct word. Furthermore, it's disappointing that wrong information (unclear at the least) were given during the stream. I start doubting what have been advertised when I was way past 50%chanc
  7. If I remember correctly from the stream, blood pearls has a chance to be found in the upcoming rng box. I assume they wanna make sure to milk as much as possible players with those, before giving any chance to get them for free elsewere. In my opinion they would gain more money if they didn't insult people intelligence...at least, this is how I feel...I believe that many decisions made are profit-oriented and that's fine...but why come and tell some fairy tale to justify those? Also, the sad cherry on top. A guy write about some issues in spanish in the forum, instant staff inter
  8. True, but can you imagine? This means that AT LEAST until june 20 we cannot even think about upgrading the weapon. Assuming 100G (and it's gonna be more) for each blood pearl, going from stage 3 to 6 costs (only in pearls) 7800G...VT material goes for what? 4,5k? And then only aransu orbs/hive queen hearts for upgrading Also true...thing is...if you haven't stuff from VT you don't meet the requirement to even challenge the first boss in the new raid...it's a vicious circle ^^' I've a good soul, both BT jewels, over 1200AP, and still sit around 210k dps on a training room dps t
  9. I came to the forum for this reason. +1 Storm Dragon/Exalted is, in most cases, a second choice for every class. Aside from Earth destroyers I believe nobody would take this path unless he cannot afford/don't want to join a raid. Many ppl decide to buy drops from raids, something I'm not inclined to do...I prefer to get what I can with my efforts. As BM, upgraded from Raven9 to Storm Dragon because I knew I wasn't gonna join a raid. The ugly surprise was that this is a downgrade for a tank. Tests I made shown that the dps increase in the long run is barely noticeable BUT on th
  10. Hi, as mid-core BM I'd suggest to stick to the Raven weapon. Nowadays it's quite cheap and very effective. In the past I had Riftwalk, then Raven and I noticed around 12k/s dps increase testing in the training room (without the Raven SS and badge combo). Now, in the matter of the combination of Riftwalk + Raven SS + Combined Badge: here is an extensive topic on dps comparison vs Raven: https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/6aboft/riftwalk_vs_raven_for_bm_tests/ . I believe it's a really cool playstyle, in fact, from Raven I jumped back to Storm Dragon weapon path. Do-not-mak
  11. +1 to this. I believe it would be a nice improvement on game experience for everyone with no downsides. It would help both new players and players that may want to make a badge on an alt character. I believe this could be easily done since the player still has to 'work' to get the 2 badges and the fusing process itself isn't cheap....so it's not like you are giving away an endgame badge for free :)
  12. That is actually a simple and effective solution. Anyway, in my opinion, the bad outcome of this event in due to 2 things: - tests I suppose weren't made with ~50 ppl at the wheels. - bad community. No discussion here. Sure, it's annoying how much time you have to spend spinning or waiting to do it, but the main issue is the lack of common sense. I've seen ppl without faction outfit throwing bombs with the only upside of enjoying ruining other ppl game, players (top clan ppl in the first raw :P ) spawnkilling others while in loadscreen which is totally unneccessary (and actually
  13. I might agree that rewards could be more pvp-focused, but on the other hand, Sky accessories comes from pve content (and requires as much as dungeon runs as you may need to gear up with BG points) and I never heard pvpers complaining about it. Sure, it can be frustrating when you are on a loose strike in low to zero chance to win matches, but as usual, this become and excuse to blame the whales farming more moonstones, more gold,etc.... Well, lately I've been watching few streams around and those whales you hate so much are so whaley that they don't even care about moonstones...actually,
  14. Hello, lately I did Awakened Necropolis 10times to get the earring for stage3 legendary breakthrough and, surprisingly, i haven''t seen it yet: this means failing to find it in 20 chances (10x drop + 10x dynamic boxes). Am I just extremely unlucky? Is there something wrong with the drop? Is this stupidly, nonsensically meant to be this low? I mean, I run daily Gloom, Masts, Yeti, Lair and the drop rate is basically 100% for an accessory there. Of those 20 chances only saw once the belt. I'd appreciate some feedback
  15. aww too bad :( I didn't recall Flowers to be account bound since the beginning, probably because I was focused on one char back then. Thanks for the info.
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