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  1. aah I see, I was just trying to get it to have another AoE move. Every time I arena, I face people who just block / resist spam all the match.. and if I manage to somehow get around it, i get stalled until time runs out (assassins). Any tips you can give me for this :]
  2. aaah i saw now... its prob due to my intense lag or something but when i click on it to check what im suppose to do, it opens up inferno achievement instead. thank you for telling me this >.< had to check so many times baaaaaaah thank you for clarifying it up for me
  3. i recently came back to the game so i don't know much how this work. The achievement says that this one specifically requires me to do three dungeons and in each of them I must hit the final boss 10 times with inferno a 45 sec cd fire stance spell. I tried it once, and i dont see myself doing anymore.... i check the arena vendors and they only show one spell which is Inferno last stage. :< as you can see i want to avoid doing any pve :[
  4. Is there another way i can unlock Chi Bomb without having to do the dungeons for it? I really really dont like to pveeeeeeeeeeeee at all , -.-
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