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  1. How do you know they are not real players? I personally just stand there for that dumb challenge quest to get it over with. I hate PVP but am forced to do it so the faster it goes the better.
  2. considering I've ran pugs in all of the new heroic dungeons with majority of players ~450 and completed them, you do not need high AP like you are saying to successfully complete these dungeons. You need high AP for 4man but not for 6man. Sucks you got shitty players but that is the risk you run with pugs. None of the content is hard (especially for those of us that played on other regions). This region has dumb down the content making it super easy as Americans dislike hard content compared to other regions where AP matters along with skill.
  3. They tried to do a gunner class and they decided against it. If you guys truly want a gunner class..you'll need to take it up with the korean devs. NCwest is only the publisher for this region. All major game updates/balance changes/new classes comes from the korean region. Not here. You can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first by commenting on these forums. The korean devs don't read these. Considering this game is still in its infancy for the US/EU region, anything the dev's from NCwest request won't be pushed to high priority. Consider
  4. They expect players to get these in game. This version seems to drop them far less than other regions (something that should be looked into in my opinion). You can buy them from the store for convenience reasons but they are not limited to the store. All other versions of the game you lose your gem slots on certain upgrade path points (usually around when they branch off from that current path). Should they give a warning? They pretty much do when they have you remove your gems from the slots. That is when your gem slots are getting reset. They are also very cheap in the st
  5. This is actually part of the original game. The items needed to get more gem slots are obtainable in game but are difficult to get which is why you can get them from the store for convenience. Anyone that has played on other regions knew about this ahead of time. It sucks for new players who never played on other regions. This was intentional in other regions. Leave it to Americans to through a hissy fit and not research the evolve paths before proceeding down them. Wait till you have to get xp for legendaries......god I can hear the whining now.
  6. Wait till you need moon stones by the hundreds.
  7. I would love for the ranks to get a bit more love as I am currently rank 9 and can't see myself pushing for rank 10 this soon as there is nothing worth getting in the store as well as the bonuses from the ranks are pointless aside from a couple things about it. Sadly at this point I dn't think they will adjust the premium ranks. yes people like to quote that little "feedback" section on the premium page but they always seem to miss the closed beta portion of it. I don't think they will make adjustments but if they do I hope they are for the better.
  8. They won't as they have tried before and they ended up dropping it for some reason. It could be possible but I doubt it. Yes and we should all live according to your wants and needs. That is how the world works....forced to suffer at the hands of some random persons whims.
  9. Considering all balance changes will be coming from Korea and not the NA version...the only way a class will be nerfed is when a TOP TIER Player shows that they are OP. Until that happens you will just need to get better.
  10. It will cause the game to get a lot of bad reviews which will hurt the popularity of the game. Guess NCsoft and the US devs did not want this game to succeed from the getgo. Players pay more attention to the player reviews than the paid for reviews that many game review sites are known to put out.
  11. To be honest, their marketing department needs to be fired. Not even EA does this granted they usually require you to spend a bit more money to make them account wide but yeah. Not even the Silver dragon (the year sub outfit) is account bound.
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