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  1. How do you know they are not real players? I personally just stand there for that dumb challenge quest to get it over with. I hate PVP but am forced to do it so the faster it goes the better.
  2. considering I've ran pugs in all of the new heroic dungeons with majority of players ~450 and completed them, you do not need high AP like you are saying to successfully complete these dungeons. You need high AP for 4man but not for 6man. Sucks you got shitty players but that is the risk you run with pugs. None of the content is hard (especially for those of us that played on other regions). This region has dumb down the content making it super easy as Americans dislike hard content compared to other regions where AP matters along with skill.
  3. They tried to do a gunner class and they decided against it. If you guys truly want a gunner class..you'll need to take it up with the korean devs. NCwest is only the publisher for this region. All major game updates/balance changes/new classes comes from the korean region. Not here. You can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first by commenting on these forums. The korean devs don't read these. Considering this game is still in its infancy for the US/EU region, anything the dev's from NCwest request won't be pushed to high priority. Consider
  4. I have to agree with this. It does cause an issue for players and needs to be looked into. My suggestion is send in a ticket with your log files and tell them what is wrong. Show them it isn't your system but theirs. THe more info they have to work with on various systems will help them code better (or at least I hope. I've noticed NCwest coders seem to not be as good as those from the parent company, guessing too many interns).
  5. Well..you've now met one. I'm on Pahoran playing blue faction.
  6. Hey at least it hasn't resulted to Hentai flooding the forums like it does on League's Forums. If you think this is new it isn't. This happens to any game that doesn't have 24 hour mods.
  7. Thats interesting. I have no issues with this game for FPS (besides lag spikes periodically but can see from WTfast that the FPS spikes corrospond to a packet loss or ping spike). When playing Tera, I had to avoid running full graphics in cities due to the FPS loss or when doing certain dungeons (i miss the rifts) otherwise my computer would nose dive into 10-15 fps.
  8. restart your game If it is an issue with pay pal they are waiting on confermation from pay pal. If you bought with Ncoin....restart your game.
  9. My suggestion is this bubba. Pull your logs (their support site should tell you what logs they need and how to get them) Attach them to a ticket with the issue. If you think their dev team can fix an issue without any kind of data...well you obviously are very knew to the tech industry....so on behalf of it..welcome..avoid best buy....they will turn your comp into a paperweight.
  10. This is normal for all MMO games. Your computer takes a dump no matter how good when a large number of people are being rendered on your screen as well as all the damage being done to the boss by those people. My suggestion is get WTfast or another ping booster program (NCwest has said this is not against TOS but they do not support it so you have to figure it out yourself) and put your settings to combat settings. Hide other characters on your screen if you need that last bit of boost. Also ReShade helps as it does alter some video settings that are default to the game that can cause issu
  11. neither have I....kind of feeling left out.
  12. Look it up. Knowledge will help you in figuring out how much you will need to hoard. I'll give you a hint.....a lot. You think it is a pain now.....wait.
  13. You would need to ask the korean devs....they make that call not the NCwest dev's. Some things they can change...major game changes like that and it would have to go through the main branch due to licensing reasons.
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