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  1. Status Quo for OW PVP?

    +1 Never seen the point of Open World Pvp, and in this game is even more irritating. Being Faction Daylies the main source of Soulstones, most of us who wants to improve the gear have to make those quests daily. And 95% of the time a group of 2-3 players from rival faction are chasing and ambushing individual farmers. Even when farming Insignias at Rival Camp, from time to time a Destroyer or FM starts doing AoE when boss appears. Oh yeah, really funny... Then i read in forums that owpvpers just look for challenging situations of 1v3, unexpected attacks, etc. I wonder if real owpvpers (if they exist) could create a Meeting Point, a place where to meet and fight with owpvpers from rival faction. So this way we can really see how many owpvpers there are and how many coward and cheap farmerchasers there are.
  2. 5 Hour Downtime again

    Anyway, announcing a maintenance 5 hours before is not an Scheduled Maintenace. A maintenance on Wednesday and now another on Friday, during EU daylight time. Is nice to see Devs fixing things (after all, this game is their bussines, and they want to keep it running) but for EU players is a terrible time; not only for the 5 hours with servers down, the queues and the overflowed launching server during the next 1hour after the servers go up are an annoyance too. Could be possible to find a maintenance time not hitting EU daylight time? others MMO's have done in the past.