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  1. Tittle says it all it's just retarded to have different banks for one account and having to mail items from a character to another. All the other games have bank account but not B&S ? Come on, this is 2016 not 1856.
  2. Lyn is best race

    What the hell is going on here -_-
  3. If you want to remove nProtect Game Guard you fall under a certain type of people : Obvious hacker that want to hack the game Stealthed hacker that claims he has issues with Game Guard running and other programs running at the same time. Gold Seller Trying / Planning to use bots or any 3rd party program to have unfair advantages over people. My favorite is this classic : " Omg remove Game Guard its a stupid program and i cannot use anything with this running" type of repply. Nobody does get errors with Game Guard anyway and i know why people complain about it. I used to play Maple Story alot in the past and each time you would use Cheat Engine the game would instantly close itself. IF YOU HAVE REAL ISSUES WITH OTHER PROGRAMS RUNNING THEN POST A PROOF. NO PROOF = HACKER. Or ..... USE BETTER HACKSHIELD that no one can go through and use HEAVY REPORTS MONITORING + STEALTH ADMINS TO TELEPORT ON PLAYERS ON BOT REPORT.
  4. Lyn = Transgenre ?

    I thought they were cute 5 years old girls fighting with their kitties. But later on in the game i found out a grandpa Lyn with white hair a tail and kitten ears ! Dafck ???
  5. [Petition] Do NOT Remove nProtect Game Guard

    Dude ,GG works FINE with Firefox oppen as stated in my screenshot. MAYBE this was the case with CBT (Sadly i didn't play with CBT client) but you might as well want to get your facts UP TO DATE before you reply shit on my thread yea ? Then again if you can't make any reasonable use of logic than YOU are a lost cause. 1) It does stop hackers : https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/NProtect_GameGuard 2) As a veteran player from GW2, YES there used to be gold sellers / bots in the beginning but in early 2015 they inforced anti hacker system. 3) If you are running Steam while playing the game you are doing something wrong.
  6. [Petition] Do NOT Remove nProtect Game Guard

    You wot m8? http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=377694Capture1.jpg Try harder. This is the proof that firefox works fine with the client. If you have more complaints about incompatible programs i can upload more screenshots like this one.
  7. [Petition] Do NOT Remove nProtect Game Guard

    Ignore this guy he thinks he has knowledge over programming cause he knows what a .bat file is. And no you cannot bypass GG with a .bat.
  8. Activation Code

    So i tried to apply my activation code for master pack on my NC Account when i clicked on "Apply Code" i got the message : "Sorry for inconveniance, An unexpected error has occured, Please try again". Is this normal ? Or did i do something wrong ? Maybe the code can be activated on the 15th only ? I'm just scared to *cricket* up for name reservation tomorrow so any answer is welcome. Thanks.
  9. https://bnstree.com Welcome in 2016. /closethread
  10. [Petition] Do NOT Remove nProtect Game Guard

    PunkBuster DOES NOT ban randomly hackers. It bans all the scrubberino that attempt to use any 3rd party programs like bots or ESP.
  11. Time for character reservations?

    https://bnstree.com /closethread
  12. EU name reservation up?

  13. [Petition] Do NOT Remove nProtect Game Guard

    If i knew a 100% hacker proof application i would share it for sure. Maybe PunkBuster would work great it automatically bans people that use hacks on Battlefield.
  14. [Petition] Do NOT Remove nProtect Game Guard

    It would be nice if NCSoft could actually hear that.
  15. [Petition] Do NOT Remove nProtect Game Guard

    I don't seek attention at all. I just care about playing a game that does not get infested of bots / hackers / gold sellers. Explain me how i'm seeking attention ? Are you frustrated that you can't get attention yourself ? Explain me... I got all the attention and love i need in my life i'm perfectly fine with it thanks...
  16. [Petition] Remove nProtect GameGuard

    Punkbuster was the best anti hacker tool. Stop trying NCSoft to remove hacker protections yea ? Thank you.
  17. You can not play the game atm ?

    We tried, but all is vain for that guy.
  18. I got 90 mb update ... Idk o_O
  19. Activation Code

    Alright thank you for sorting things out ! Cheers ! :)
  20. Australian Players Ahoy?

    Don't even think about EU You will get 250-274 ping with fastest internet possible... Maybe try to look for NA i think its closer for you. Good luck with that
  21. You can not play the game atm ?

    This thread is epic joke. I knew some people had troubles to understand english but to that point ... There are informations everywhere about everything ... Do you even use google or read informations ?? Betas were in 2015 this is 2016 !! Hello !!
  22. Feeling the hype for name reservation?

    Lol the butthurt salt is real.
  23. Popular Names

    You'd better go to the Church...