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  1. It's also the job of customer service reps to know which issues should be escalated and sent up the chain for a more hands-on approach. So far, I haven't seen NCSoft Support move beyond the typical low level copy-paste statements. There is also no way to circumvent the broken aspect of the system except by possibly getting the attention of someone on social media right now.
  2. Maybe try G2A.com I don't know how legit they are but they seem to sell NCoin codes in EU.
  3. If the link isn't working for you, then my best guess is that it's only available on NA right now.
  4. I don't mind you guys defending the game and NCSoft, but I can't describe how incredibly frustrating it is to try to resolve an issue in good faith and then basically get told: "We can't tell you why our processor has flagged your account. Sorry we can't do anything but give a temporary unblock to your account. Please feel free to ask us any questions." The only solution for trying to get through this issue is to find a way to pierce the wall of canned responses to someone who has a pulse and legitimate brain activity.
  5. Amazon link That's for 400 coins, you should be able to select which one you want from there.
  6. I have the exact same problem as the OP. It's affecting all direct purchases of NCoins from NCSoft. I've been buying my NCoin from Amazon using their NCoin codes. Hey, at least Amazon isn't using NCSoft's Account Risk Assessment Software. Probably because it would KILL their business.... hint hint, NCSoft.
  7. I never had problems buying NCoin until B&S launched and I decided to buy some for a premium membership. First, I tried to purchase directly from the in-game interface and got an error. Then, I took the website redirect from in the game to account management, got the pop-up, completed my purchase, and the bank received a pending charge. However, no NCoins appeared and I couldn't make any more in-game purchases or from Account Management; or within Wildstar either (Weekly Purchase Limit Exceeded?!). After a day, NCSoft support says that the charge would clear up and no NCoins
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