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  1. I know they just released a new class and a lot are enjoying it but this is what my ideal would look like: Weapon: FAN Class Type: SUPPORT: support specialists who steal their opponents’ strength and convert that raw energy into beneficial magic. These mages bolster their allies and unleash potent kinetic blasts, quickly turning the tide of battle. draw upon an enemy’s strength to empower their friends and unleash potent spells, helping their allies face down seemingly insurmountable odds. healing and boosting allies, draining and destroying enemies. They channel powerful aur
  2. What is broken? Mine seemed fine even showed the point break down my husband used on his main when I looked him up to check it. I checked mine too and it seemed fine
  3. I'm not a huge KR follower I just heard for a long time the intended HM cap was 20 maybe that has shifted
  4. as far as I know it's HM20 which is what we are now so they are at Level 55 and HM 20
  5. It seems like some believe since they are already HM 10 they will be locked to only 50 point forever while some who is just hitting level 50 will continue to get their 5 points through HM 20 and end up with more. That is not how I understand it. you are hm 10 you get 50 pts 5 per hm level you level to hm 11 you get another 5 and so on
  6. TalonShina


    Luna I feel the same way you do. They don't have to even give that but they are.
  7. I don't think there are skill points anymore. might still need HM skills to unlock certain aspects (haven't seen anything so I can't be sure on that) I believe now (just for HM levels again not sure) you will gain stat points for AP, Defense etc. to spend.
  8. I don't play a sunflower sum (not my style) but what weapon stage, what soul badge. Crit Dmg and Critical, Atk Power. Link us gears and such maybe we can help. I can't help with rotation sunflower wise but I might be able to offer insight also what is your overall DPS (Use last fight or something)
  9. It's never going to please everyone no game company can with maintenance
  10. I run my clan in a helpful. You need yeti or Asura let's go. we have 3 Summoners in the clan currently but I'm the only Main Summoner and I wiped us in EC a lot as I get the timing down for stealth. It's fun and we enjoy it. I'm hard on myself but not my clanmates anyone one of them will tell you I'm the first to dismiss a mistake they might make saying it just takes practice, but I cuss myself up and down when I screw up. We look forward to one day doing BT but there is no rush and we will pace ourselves and have fun. We work on building each other up so that when that time comes
  11. against this. I am someone who takes a long while to settle into a class in any game I've played. I started on summoner, tested Bd, Desto, WL, went back to summoner, tried SF twice to 47ish then leveled a summoner to HM5, a WL to HM6, a desto to HM9, a BM to HM8 and finally started a brand new summoner (there were new skills I wanted to learn fresh how they would effect solo and party play) that summoner is now 50% away from HM9. and just last night a started a new WL to just dabble with when I needed a break from my summoner. Want to swap from a class relevel it's not
  12. What @doitztard it's that you need that many ppl to upgrade + the materials of course. I believe it's rank 10 that your clan increases from 60 members to 70 members. My clan is at rank 8 and it took reading that a few times to understand that it meant I wasn't getting more ppl I needed that many ppl
  13. Did 4 man yeti in a three man party that was clan members myself, my husband, and one other clannie. none of us have 650+ I'm close 645. We had fun we wiped a lot figuring out the timing and such to do it in a 3 man group and we had fun. Clan/Friend parties are the way to go in my opinion. I LFPed a 4man gloom over the weekend and had a blast they were also okay that I lagged behind a bit heading to second core when my son came to me with a bloody nose. Good parties are there. Good clans are out there ignore the 650+ and don't let it bother you.
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