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  1. Some of the bosses from 4 to 6 can drop a bag for 50 (or 30 i don't remember) warrior tokens and it's not rare. So yes it's least worrisome.
  2. No it's not true. It just means that on june 1st no one under awakened pirate can go true pirate path ever. True pirate next upgrade will just be True Breeze not for free. Edit: but at the end of the day they didn't really explain it well, so just wait till after june 1st and see what happens
  3. high silver vs low gold, it's normal. The rank isn't that different anyway.
  4. Anything up there before Vanguards is a hacker.
  5. I went back and reread my first comment to you and i still can't find where i actually supported anyone's theory. You simply stated in your biased opinion that summoners are not underpowered. And i agree, but how you said didn't imply that they were normal either. If not underpowered and if not normal, isn't there only one answer? If i wanted to call anyone a noob i would simply say it, but saying "need more practice" isn't the same as being called a noob. Even expert sometimes need more practice. I stand by my comments, but it seems this comment about me being in the wrong is just
  6. Where exactly did you see me support the other guy? I saw a comment and added an opinion about it, never did i say i agreed or disagreed with the other guy. And is giving you own opinion going apeshit or do you now realized you got nothing better to say. Indirectly calling you a noob? I think you're simply reading too much into something that isn't there. And now we arrive at the insult again? Seriously? All you got? I'm sure if you rack through your supposedly "brilliant" (than mine of course since you called me dumb) brain you should be able to come up with something smart? And y
  7. Ok so i never claimed summoner were underpowered. Merely stated summoners are only "OP" to people who don't know how to kill them. Where did you see me try to convince anyone that summoners were underpowerd? Also if summoners are not underpowered as you say and not Overpowered as you didn't say then doesn't it make them normal? You are right on the point that i'm not entirely knowledgeable on all the classes. Haven't played them all, i learn better from fighting them than reading about them. Simply not knowing everything about every class makes me a noob. How? Elaborate. Are y
  8. First Summoner are only "OP" to people who don't know how to kill them. If you ask someone who loses to summoner all the time or almost all the time they would say summoner is OP but if you ask someone who smiles whenever they see a summoner (because it's an easy win for them) they would say summoners are easy. If you need more skills to beat a summoner as a FM then you still need practice with FM and lots of it. Why? One of the hardest class for SM is FM (i'm a summoner btw). Fight between me and FM goes like this: 1. The FM sucks i win easily. 2. The FM is decent/good and i get t
  9. Really? That's the best comeback you could give? Sad. What if someone said French pls? or Italian pls. The moment someone uses a phrase like "english please", they already admit they've lost. Also all i saw was some mistakes, not like everyone is perfect right? But of course i think you believe yourself to be. Anyway cry me a river cause no one is going to disable summoner. Deal with it.
  10. So then the bots decide, free 50 soulstone and 5g, might as well start killing ourselves.
  11. Go with the first option, it's actually cheaper in the long run. The second path the mats are expensive right now.
  12. reporting someone who is afk as a bot is also an abuse of game features, basically wasting support time too. It's not bannable, nothing was done wrong except the afk person being a douchebag.
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