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  1. Think about how many jewel you need for one accessory, and tell me how many crystals you can farm every time. NC thinks everyone likes farming materials, but this is actually too much even for those farm players. Also, the fastest way to get element and jewel is trove, so right now NC expects all players to go to expend trove and buy keys for elements and jewels.
  2. New Legendary Element/Jewel Prices Suck.

    NCsoft, please listen to players' feedback!
  3. Why NC doesn't reply the ticket?

    Got it, thx
  4. I haven't played for months, now i am back and write a ticket for help. It's already over one day since i submitted the ticket. Is this because i didn't recharge thousand dollars for this game?
  5. Legendary Element/Jewel Changes

    Seriously they are making everything more and more complicated, they could just leave 20G legendary jewel there, yet they want to remove this option. How long do i need to farm if i want to upgrade one accessory.