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  1. NC Coins Premium? Umm what?

    just like heartstone more you buy cheaper it is in the long run i think 2 packs is $4 if you buy 60 packs using this 2packs for $4 it would cost $120 but it actually costs $80 i think this is like pre ordering games they get the money before release because the money could be worth more tomorrow they want to invest it
  2. How is Blade Master?

    i try to mob with force masters and i cant even mob 3+ at same level monsters
  3. How is Blade Master?

    tankier than all classes a lot of dps good AoE best pvp at lv 45 best mobbers shits on summoners and force masters im a kung fu master and force master main still having trouble beating assassins and blade masters

  5. go type in "BAN THE BOTS TO FREE UP SPACE" be part of the cause to stop queues! bots take up spots in this little server
  6. im not wtf did he do to go into jail he commited murder pro life tip if you think about murder you are a psychopath, a regular human being should never think about murder and should think about other people and having grace society is tainted in general, they are so ungraceful. i buy my friends food and i get a pat on the back and if i buy a homeless person food they hug me and shows me affection
  7. another way to help ncsoft fix the queue in mushin

    once you ban the bots the names will be banned and never useable ever agin then the bots will never be able to create a character
  8. ban the bots it will free up space and 600 more players gets to finally play
  9. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Use this to get in to the game Mods and help the players get in Mushin by freeing up bot space. #makeitcometrue
  10. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Hoping that 1 source of information will not lead to a name and shame a bot ban. It's obvious and clearly botting because of the names and the website. Advertising a website is against the rules
  11. Oh My Gosu Senpai! Blade and Soul Fanfic/lore

    Teacher Minsu, Koba, Harji, and Gym teachers are the new characters. Teacher Minsu Koba Chapter 1 continued, Love Triangle. Classmates - Oh snap, it's Romeo. Always late again, at least hes athletic. He may be stupid but he is the number 1 football player. What a waste, why focus on one thing? Why not be smart and be good at sports? Romeo takes the chair behind Minori. Minori sits across from Taka. Taka sits across from Minori but the first chair, closest to the teacher. - Minori looks so cute even when from behind. - *in mind* I love you, Taka. - Anyone want to participate in reading the first chapter in our Physics textbook? - I WILL! - "Other than being good looking, he's smart too. Such a sweetie. I'm stupid, I hope he likes stupid girls." *smiles* - Why is she smiling? Who is she smiling at? Don't tell me she's in love with that nerd. *so who do you like Minori?* -Gym Class- Gym teacher - ROMEO, TAKA YOU ARE THE LEADERS OF TODAY'S FOOTBALL TEAM! - *No way, against this loser?* Yes sir! Gym teacher - great, Romeo you can choose first since you are the best footballer in our school. - It's my pleasure, Minori. - What no! I want to be on Taka's team. - *SHE DOES LIKE TAKA! I'm pretty sure I can change her mind if I beat Taka.* Just 1 game Minori. - Fine. - Harji. The second best player in our football team. - He's not the second. Koba come here. - Why did you pick Minori? - What did you say? *fists up to his head* - nothing *hand behind head* turns around *phew* The game! To be continued.
  12. Oh My Gosu Senpai! Blade and Soul Fanfic/lore

    Please try to picture this manga in your head. I am a visual thinker so I just type whatever comes into mind. Chapter 1 - Forbidden Love - I am in love... *fades* - *wakes up, looks at clock* (8:59 am) HOLY SHIET IM LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!!!!! *Taka runs out of his house* - *saw Taka running* OH! *blushing* it's Taka!! *slight faint* - *Taka runs passed Romeo* HEY! I JUST BRUSHED MY HAIR, NIMWIT! What's with that guy. *Minori sprints past Romeo* HE..! Oh it's Minori. Wait why are they running? *looks at time* (9:10 am) WHAT?!?! WHEN DID THE TIME GO SO FAST?! *sprints after Minori* Narrator, there we have it Taka racing to school, Minori chasing him, and Romeo chasing Minori. Is this the end of Romeos love life?
  13. Title - Oh My Gosu Senpai! Manga by Doublelift on Blade and Soul Forums Genre - Romantic Comedy (I like to play around in relationships) Blade and Soul character creations is so cartoonish. Characters - Romeo (main) Minori and Taka (side) addition characters will be added soon! Romeo hiyah! Minori Taka
  14. i know name and shame against a player is against the rules what about to bots? we should make a Official spamming bots Forum page, where you need pictures to prove that its a bot. The mods will come on to the thread and read the forums seeing which player to be banned
  15. there are 200 bots on mushin you are not going to get in until mods get on the game via executive order to perma ban the bots for more space i wonder if name and shaming a non human player is illegal