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  1. i have 45 wl not geared just lvled him for event things what we get months ago, and 2x lvl 50 what i play on both, but gearing just 1 of them what is my kfm xD 528ap 207%+cdmg 54%cr and hm lvl is 6 almost 7, and my sin im not gearing 512ap, all items for lvl 45 cap only 195%+cdmg 56%cr and hm7 almost 8, if someone ask if im casher, than my answer is no, can proof with history, playing from 19 january doing dailys only for exp and gold 1500+dq done at kfm and 1850+ at sin and everyday 35-36 daily quests on sin and kfm, 36 i told cause its depends if i get intel xD so in total just 70-72 dq so b
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