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  1. Hey NCWest!

    Hmm, lets see I had leftover pizza from xmas eve while watch a movie at work.... Other than that it was GREAT!!!!!! :P
  2. Can someone sum up Summoner class for me?

    @katanaK Thank you and I will google more about it. I figured with all the collective knowledge here, that someone would be able to answer.
  3. Can someone sum up Summoner class for me?

    Guys, I do have quick question. Does the cat HP scale .5 to master HP? I ask this because, as I have watched several videos I have seen Sum with say 42k HP and cat 22k hp, but yet I have also seen a Sum with 56k HP and the cat with only 22k. I guess what I am asking in general is.. is there a cap HP for the cat can anyone answer this?
  4. Can someone sum up Summoner class for me?

    I want to thank everyone here for their posts. As a noob coming into this game from CBT1-5 I lvl'd a KFM but do to my current location ping is a huge issue and therefore KFM is not a viable option at the moment. I played the Sum up to lvl 23 and was just getting the gist of it's play style. I have to say after playing and re-watching the videos on Sums, I now have a better feel for this character. I feel with having a Sum as main will make it possible to be productive in a group setting and also enjoy soloing (due to my extremely high ping). I feel quite competent that I will enjoy the Sum overall. I can honestly say now that I understand the reference's "Tab > Q > 1 > F > F > LB > RB > LB > RB > LB > RB (until you can RB>RB>RB>RB>RB). " now much better than I did before from watching the videos and reading them in these forums. I just want to say all in all thank you for making this quite clear and precise. My 2cents
  5. [Petition] Please Change EU server names

    It would only be right for you to have Soha as a server name, considering it was a hub for you during cbt. my 2cent
  6. Hard to choose who to start first

    I to am at a cross road, I lvl'd a KFM to max but ping is a serious issue with me and I want to be effective in group settings and pvp. Therefore I am leaning more toward Sum = great for pvp with high ping and FM DPS monster.