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  1. Disappointed....

    OP did not get enough hugs from mom when they were little, obviously. I mean...what the *cricket* is the point of logging into the forums of a game you are leaving, stating some reason that no one gives a shit about..and saying good bye to a smattering of people that neither know you, or gives two shits about you to begin with? What are you expecting? Do you think you are gonna get a few posts on here begging you to stay? Here is a pro tip: No one *cricket*ing cares. Uninstall the game and gtfo.
  2. Weather!

    I agree. I love it turning night and day in game! Who knows...maybe they will. :)
  3. Yep. Im done with this game. Time to flip over to Black Desert.
  4. Weather!

    FFXIV has better weather than this game. It also has a day/night cycle.
  5. Forced to PVP

    Chooses to download and play Blade and Soul. Complains about PvP. Wow.
  6. World of Warcraft may be in decline, that cannot be disputed...but C'MON?? Blade and Soul is BARELY an MMORPG. You cannot honestly compare the two. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE BnS...I really enjoy the game for what it is. It is a fighting/eSport game dressed up like an MMO. This game does not have 1/10th the content of a game like WoW or EQ2, or FFXIV...haha...WoW killer. gtfo of here with that. Run a dungeon in FFXIV....then come here and run a "dungeon". Complete a raid in WoW...then come here and try 24 man content. Level up your alternate jobs in a game like FFXIV where there are multiple ways to do it...then come here and run through the same shit storyline, horrible voice overs and crap cut scenes. It isn't even close. Again, I love BnS, I am not slamming it in any way, shape or form...but it is NOT an MMO in my opinion, or at least its dressed up like an MMO, but this is basically a fighting/pvp/lobby game (and the fighting is amazingly well done) with a little PvE thrown in for fun.
  7. Popularity?

    BDO is about to blow up. The hype is real. Over 300K paid preorders and it's not even FTP.
  8. 1. FYI "many" people are not 4 or 5 people in a thread on the forums. Versus what? A million players online all over the world playing the game as we speak? 2. Please show my your metrics, your verified data that proves that China lost "so many VIP subscriptions" because of this "annoyance". You can't. You are pulling data out of your ass and making it up for sensationalism's sake. 3. Are the subscriptions somehow tight? So tight that they need to "loose" them up? Odd.
  9. This game costs less than 50 cents a day. 50 AMERICAN CENTS. A homeless bum in NYC can find more than that a day under a park bench. This is honestly about the cheapest entertainment you can buy...I don't know why people with premium have this stigma of being is quite silly.
  10. Why im gonna switch to BlackDesertOnline!

    They are all busy playing Black Desert Online. BnS got boring...real fast! I even have contemplated going back to FFXIV, that hasn't had a content patch in what feels like a
  11. Stop it - Stop it - STOP IT!

    Then you have not played many real MMOs. This is barely...and I mean BARELY an mmo. No immersion, PvP/fighting/eSport game dressed up like a real MMORPG. BnS *is* fun, but it is fun for what it is, a great lobby/fighting game.
  12. Stop it - Stop it - STOP IT!

    You know, in most older MMOs like EQ, EQ2 SWG or WoW, I tend to agree with this. In this game, we really don't have a community based on the forums that effects the game. I think this is because this game is basically a fighting game with a lobby more than it is an MMO.
  13. Stop it - Stop it - STOP IT!

    No, it doesn't. I could be the nicest person in the world. I could then log into a forum, under a fake internet handle, and be the biggest dick in the forum. That does NOT reflect on me as a person, because you do not KNOW me as a person. If you can't see this point, then it is pointless to debate it with you. The internet is not an echo chamber. You will get different views on topics here. :) Also, you contradict yourself when you say that online and offline you are the same person/pretend you are a chick when you are really a guy to get gold analogy. Sorry.
  14. Because if they are just in the store may not buy them right now. I am willing to bet the Hongmoon store gets a majority of it's profit from "impulse" purchases. They offer you a safety net if you know a certain outfit is just always gonna be there. You may just put off buying it..then maybe you quit the game. They never get your money. However, if you are currently playing and invested in the game, and you see something like, "This outfit will be removed in 3 days" you are more apt to act on an impulse and buy it.
  15. Stop it - Stop it - STOP IT!

    No it doesn't. This is the do not know who they are as a person. That is why asking people to "be nice" to each other on the internet is a waste of time. You don't know who I am, I don't know who you a person. Hell, they could be roleplaying a insufferable douchebag for all you