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  1. This thread has turned into the welfare argument disguised as a video game topic. You cannot reason with welfare people. They think the world owes them everything for free.
  2. These are the people that give the FTP folks a bad name. In every one of these posts....EVERY ONE of them...be it crying for unlocking the inventory, or crying for the use of the wardrobe...the one thing they NEVER mention is the fact that they downloaded the game for free. It was not 20 or 30 or even 60 dollars to download the client. It was FREE. It was also free to make any of the races...and pick any of the classes...FREE. Then the moment they see one thing, be it mail, wardrobe or inventory space...they want that for FREE too. Ridiculous. The next time im waiting in line behi
  3. Pay the 50 cents a day....you can have your wardrobe feature. You people are acting like premium is some ungodly amount of money. You already downloaded the entire game...for FREE.
  4. Premium is what? 50 cents a day? That is cheaper entertainment than buying a can of pop. You people act like this game costs 100 dollars a month or something. If you do not want to pay the 50 cents a day, then you do not DESERVE the wardrobe.
  5. Some of these FtP players remind me of people on welfare arguing that they should be able to buy a TV or beer with "their" money. For *cricket*s sake...It cost you literally NOTHING to download the client and make a character and log in and play.
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