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  1. I am not one of the people who got screwed by this, but I would feel it's unfair as well.
  2. So actually, the normal upgrade path is bugged and is actually better than the Nebula path right now? But it shouldn't be? Is that what I'm reading?
  3. bump again. Has NCSOFT said anything about this yet? I don't want my nebulas to expire waiting for a fix that may never happen.
  4. I rarely post on these forums, but I'm hoping a Dev can do something about this. None of the HM skills found in Trove are tradable. This is fine and probably intended, however, they aren't account-bound either. So that means if you already have your lightning draw or kingfist, and all six slots are filled up with tomes, you basically just wasted a key because you can't even give one of them to an alt. I took a Dragoncall for my warlock alt, not realizing that I couldn't trade it. I know, my oversight, but the bigger problem is that this actually becomes like a joke prize if you
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